Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Can Die Now -- I've Seen Everything!

I found this website while visiting Dustbury. He posts interesting tidbits and links from across the Internet. This link addresses the problem -- complete with video -- of VPL. It treats the subject like a dread disease like leprosy or somesuch.

What is VPL you ask, gentle bloggers? It stands for visible panty line.! And Backless Lingerie is here to rescue us from it! I've never really thought of that as a problem but then I don't wear my jeans so tight I need a crowbar to get into them much less suffer VPL. I suppose it might be for some people because the website states:

"Welcome to Backless Lingerie, a comfortable and sexy solution to the problem of VPL (visible panty lines) which has plagued the lingerie industry.

Backless Lingerie is a unique and inexpensive alternative lingerie to thongs, g-strings or normal panties."

See? VPL is a plague according to these folks. I think I'm immune. My size 12 jeans are sorta baggy so I doubt I'm in danger. Maybe if I went for a 10 I'd have to worry but, my friends, that ain't happenin' in this lifetime! I'm a relaxed fit kind of girl.

I was going to put a photo here but I think it would drive my G rating up to an X and while I'd like to be more of hellion here, I think that that would be pushing it too far. So just click on the link above and learn about the latest innovation in lingerie. They say we'll never wear thongs again -- HA! like I ever did! lol These things look wayyyy too weird for me. Whaddaya think?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I had never heard of any of this--nor am I a candidate for this kind of lingerie. But, thanks for letting us know about it!

  2. I'm pretty sure they don't make those in my size....LOL

    They cover so little - why would you bother. It'd be easier to go commando, wouldn't it?

    My pants are high-rise and relaxed-fit, so it isn't a problem for me.

  3. Found you from Travelin' Oma's site . . . and loved the commentary.

    VPL, is this a world of abbrevations or what? I'm with you, Kay, why would I want to pour myself into jeans so tight my panty-line would show? Breathing is too big on my priority list at this point in my age.

    I can remember a friend from college, (okay, so I can just barely remember that far back) who zipped her jeans by laying flat on the bed and pulling up the zipper with a clothes hanger. Way to much like stuffed sausage for me, even if she did look great in jeans.

  4. I'll stick to the old fashioned thong and g-string, thankyouverymuch.

  5. Well, I don't know too much about backless lingerie, or VPL. I just thought I'd stop by and give you a great big hello.

    Have a great day tomorrow, and if I don't hear from you, a relaxing weekend!

  6. I think I’ll start a new line of lingerie that is completely invisible called Emperor’s Undies. Only $14.95 a pair and guaranteed no VPL. Wonder if they will sell.

  7. Yeah, I saw that and almost fell off my highchair. I recently had the good fortune of meeting Mr. CGHill when his World Tour '07 brought him through Music City. Quite a guy...

  8. Thanks for the eye-popper link. Now I am going to have to delete all my history, just in case my young son happens to see where my sites have wandered. YIKES!
    I wish you well in all your endeavors, sweet Kay. Get well, don't let the world getcha down. Hope your computer works. . .etc. etc. etc

  9. Thirty (well, 29) years ago, National Lampoon put out a fake Sunday newspaper for the nonexistent town of Dacron, Ohio, and advertised by one of the department stores in town were The Emperor's New Bra and Girdle. (You can pretty much imagine what they, um, looked like.)

    Of course, I have this preposterous idea that in X number of years, where the number of years I expect to be around is X-2, there will be working antigravity modules to replace things like underwire.

  10. Oh my God! I remember that, Chaz! I used to read the Lampoon all the time. Doug Kenney was/is a fellow Buckeye from Chagrin Falls, OH -- a lovely, rather affluent suburb of Cleveland -- and he was always making fun of our state.

    I like your anti-gravity idea. I could use it now as things are tending to be heading south. Sigh

    Thanks for Stopping by~


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