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A Loophole in the Immigration Reform Bill?

This was written and sent along by a close friend who looks at the world, as I often do, with a slightly jaundiced eye. It's also funny and scary all at the same time and definitely something to think about before jumping on the bandwagon regarding the Immigration Reform bill. I'm ready to contact my Congress Critters on the possibilities explored here. The ramifications
could be deadly.

Dropping Out Legally

Yeah, it‘s dangerous. I know that. Can’t help it though, sometimes it just happens.

While talking my evening walk, I got to thinking about this anti-American immigration bill the bribed politicians in Washington are trying to inflict on us. In this case, by “thinking about it,” I mean thinking about what could be in it for me. Surely, thought I, there’s an angle beneficial to me that can be played by that large bill.

And yes, there surely is!

Almost all regulations have a little scam built into them, if you look far enough and know the topic. The regulation rangers do that to help their friends and are often rewarded well for that. And, by “scam” I mean that the regulations usually make legal something that would be an obvious wrong were that regulation to not exist.

So it is with this new immigration scam perpetrated on the American people. But, in this case, it’s a scam that we can all use somewhat legally.

How would you like to legally become someone else once in a while? The new bill makes that easy.
Oh yes it does! Very easy.

All one needs to do is apply for their new “Z” card as an illegal alien -- using a different name, of course. Officials only get 24 hours to run a background check. Then, they must approve you. No identification is necessary, so you can make up any name you wish. They will not even photograph or fingerprint anyone. It’s more or less a rubber stamp approval based on your word on who you are. You show up, you get approved. Simple.

Then, take you new “Z” card over and get a driver’s license and Social Security card. That done, maybe you can even get a passport. For sure you can get bank accounts, etc.

Fact is, you would become a whole new person. A legal person, too.

Two different drivers licenses could be cool, for many reasons.

So, for anyone who wants to go underground for a while, no matter what the reason, George Bush and a few idiots in Congress are arranging a relatively legal and easy way to do it.

Yep, there’s good and bad in everything, even that atrocious bill. Got legal problems? The IRS looking for you? Too many bad debts? An ex haunting you? Herein, you get a free pass from big government. Get all new legal identification and move on.

After all, if it’s fair for the illegal aliens to do, it’s damn sure fair for real Americans to do. So, I’ll do it -- not because I need new ID, just for spite, and 'cause I can.

I’m thinking I might even try to get new ID for one of the wild geese out back. The drivers license part might be a little difficult, though. . . .

Pass this around. We should all do it . . . just 'cause we can.

It's the law, after all. Well, almost.

A loophole/scam in the Immigration Reform Bill? Ohhhhhh my stars & garters! Why am I not surprised?

This got me to thinking, too, and while I find the idea of running away from home and being a different person sounds attractive at times, I do realize that wherever I go and whatever I do, I'm still me. However, the ease with which this can be accomplished staggers the Cranky OLd Broad's mind and raises some questions. What if I had lost my driver's license because I had too many DUIs? What if I were a deadbeat dad on the verge of going to jail? What if I were a pedophile? What if I wanted to embezzle my company's funds or rob a bank and skip the country? Heck! I could even come back and visit! From reading the bill, it looks as if our representatives are presenting us with an out if we want one.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against immigrants. My maternal grandparents were immigrants at the turn of the 20th Century as was my paternal great-great-great-great-greatgrandfather who came here in the 1730s from Scotland (his wife was born here in 1720, prolly to immigrants) and as are all of us descendants of immigrants unless you're 100% Native American. I understand that something needs to be done about immigration and it must be done soon. However, this wrinkle in the immigration bill is inexcusable as it opens a can of worms I'd rather not see loosed on our country. We all know that sometimes a cure can be worse than the disease.

Oh!!!!!!!!!! And check out Bush's latest on this! It just landed in my mailbox. Sheeeeeeeeeesh!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kay in Cranky Old Broad mode


  1. This is interesting information. I usually figure if Bush thinks it's a good idea, that's a reason to wonder.


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