Monday, June 25, 2007

The Drama Continues . . .

The Jessie Davis tragedy just keeps snowballing. Yesterday afternoon my mostly quiet, modest neighborhood was awash with law enforcement and the media as the Sheriff's Department smashed their way into the apartment of a woman purported to be an accomplice in Jessie's death. It's a mere four blocks from my place. My young neighbor wandered down later to see what was going on despite my telling her that her help wasn't needed. Kids! The young man who lives upstairs from the woman told the police that he had keys and the deputy said, "I used mine." Hmmmmmm Emotions are running very high.

I had to go to downtown Canton this morning for an appointment -- not a big deal. I figured I'd be home well before the arraignments of Bobby Cutts and Myisha Ferrell at 3 p.m. and avoid the media circus. Man oh man, was I wrong! The Court House, City Hall, and the County Office Building are all within a three block area and the sidewalks and streets were jammed with reporters, cameras, various vehicles and assorted satellite equipment -- not to mention crowds of rubberneckers. And law enforcement was out in force. I don't think anyone in the Sheriff's Department, the Canton City Police or our local FBI office have slept since this began. I was stopped by a local radio reporter who I've known for years and he asked if I'd say something about it for his "Man on the Street" thing. I told him to find someone else. I used up my 15 minutes of fame long ago. This is about Jessie and her family -- not what I think.

I went home and turned on CNN and watched the arraignments. Bobby Cutts' bail is 5 million dollars & his alleged accomplice's is $500,000 so neither is going anywhere. They'll be back in court next week. Jessie's mother and sister spoke afterward and again demonstrated the strong faith that I believe will get them through this tragedy.

The Cutts' family, so far, has not spoken with the media and I don't blame them. I can only imagine what they must be feeling. The idea that one's child would do such a thing would set a mother's mind reeling and I'm sure his family is mortified at what he has brought upon their lives.

Cutts was a Canton City policeman and the Department has maintained what our Chief calls "a professional distance" through the investigation while assisting the Sheriff as needed. They were everyhere downtown today doing crowd control. The Chief has also spoken of the blot Cutts has placed on the credibility and integrity of our policemen and that he'll be working to restore it. I believe him. Our force on the whole are pretty good guys who take pride in their profession. How sad that a Bobby Cutts can blacken their reputation.

The effects of this tragedy are far-reaching in this county and will be felt for a very long time. I only hope that there is healing somewhere down the road for all of us. Anyone who is interested can leave messages here for the Davis family.


  1. I have been following this horrific story on the news, but didn't realize you live so close to all of it.
    I happened to see Jessie's dad on the Today Show yesterday and just found the interview a bit....odd? I'm positive that if that were my way would I be flying from my home town to NYC to be on the Today Show during all that grief and horror. But guess everyone is different.
    Such a terrible thing for poor Jessi's mother to be going through.

  2. I have been following this case in the newspapers....heart-wrenching. We've just had one of our own.....a father shooting his entire family and wounding himself...wife and three kids gone just like that. Originally he blamed the shootings on his wife, but he managed to get away. Noone believed it. He was arrested at the funerals of his family...the day evidence came in that proved it was him.

    Sometimes you just can't understand any of it. How many times can your heart ache for all these horrible injustices?

  3. Kay, I've been away from the news for the past two weeks so when I checked your blog, I hadn't even heard of this horrible case. I'm so sorry for the family, for your town, and for you. I know you are a sensitive person and in smaller cities like yours, this kind of crime isn't seen everyday. We have Scott Peterson in California.

    I hope you are feeling better and thanks for much for your ongoing comments at S.O. I greatly appreciate it.


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