Thursday, June 07, 2007

And the Winner is . . .

I decided that I've been entirely too serious the past few days so I decided to lighten up a bit when I got a note from the International Save the Pun Society of which I am a very proud member.

If y'all recall, I was disappointed not to have the results of the 2007 O. Henry Pun-Off when I wrote about it a couple weeks ago. However, that has been rectified. I now have the results and, even better, I have video clips via YouTube documenting this auspicious event! Listen (and groan and laugh) at your own risk! I did!

This years winners (judged Punniest of Show, of course) -- Ta Da! -- are:

1st: Joe Sabia of Los Angeles

2nd: Carmen Petrick of Houston

3rd: Linda Eldredge of Austin

All were hysterically funny and well-deserving of their awards. Awards were also given for the High-Lies & Low-Puns and mmMvp categories. It looked like wonderfully good fun and I've definitely decided that this is on my dream list of events I need to attend. Ya never know . . . it could hap-pun! LOL

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. hap-pun?? groannnnnnnnn lol

  2. lol you got my drift & made my day, Toom!

  3. Ah, I love a great pun! Thanks for the links.

    You might enjoy this blogger's stuff: the Limerick Savant.

  4. lol you're quite welcome Pattie! I live LS, Pattie! I have him over there in Kindred Spirits. Not only is he an artist with limericks, he's my neighbor to the north -- up in Cleveland!


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