Monday, May 21, 2007

At Long Last: Another Ramble Through the Blogosphere

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this is overdue but the Kay is a busy girl and it hasn't been all skittles and beer.

I've done quite a bit of wandering across the blogosphere and found some wonderful blogs from some really great folks. They cover a wide range of topics and locations from New York to California and from the Deep South to Canada. These blogs have made me laugh and they have made me cry and every one of them has taught me a great deal and since learning is a cornerstone of my life, each is special to me as are the people who created them. Let the Ramble begin!

Dave Barry's Blog was a no-brainer. He's a pro -- his syndicated columns have left me laughing for several decades! His blog is him in weird mode and I love it. Today's blog is about the TV program "24" and makes sense to me 'cause I find it confusing as I seem to have missed a couple seasons. Mark at Going Like Sixty is Barry's antithesis. He calls himself a rookie and perhaps he is, but he is dedicated and prolific. He posts several interesting and funny posts a day and I think we'll see him soon on the Elderblogger list. Hey, Mark? Can I borrow a cup of energy?

Rainy Day Thoughts is well-named as it is very intelligent and well written as she explores a variety of subjects of import to all of us whether she's addressing our government or life in general. AmbivaBlog brings her long experience as a well-published critic writer and journalist to her personal blog with commentary on issues and insights to a fascinating woman.

Many blogs I've added are about the authors' lives and all are both interesting and fun. Terri, another published writer, is
Writing Away on Cedar Key about all sorts of interesting topics and includes some great photos, too. Chancy at Driftwood Inspiration talks about her day-to-day life, loving remembrances of things past, and whatever else strikes her fancy. Fran addresses the Sacred Ordinary (I love that title) as she shares her world -- both the joys and sorrows. Mr. Bee asks Can You Hear Me Now? and shares his life in Kentucky and his love of music -- he introduced me to Loreena McKennitt, an Irish singer I hadn't heard before via a lovely song of hers called "Dante's Prayer". Toom WithaVu enjoys retirement and the glories of living right on Georgian Bay. How I envy him! Bev gives us the Random Thoughts of an Aging Artist as she talks about her crafts, her life both present and past, and her family. Naomi is A Little Red Hen who is an aspiring playwright and lives in the Big Apple -- her tales of life there are wonderful. Marty is the proprietor of TravelinOma's Library is another from whom I want to borrow a cup of energy. The woman is a whirlwind of ambition as she whizzes through her life setting goals -- and achieving them, travelling and adoring her grands. And last, but never, ever least is a riotously funny, straightforward lady who calls her herself the unlikely name of poopie and has two blogs: Poop Happens and A Stained Glass Life. The former is a grin a minute as she talks about her work as an Allied Health professional and country life in Tennessee. I love a woman who can laugh in the face of adversity. At her other blog she is serious and shows her excellent writing skills.

And just when I'm making a Herculean effort to get my blog up to speed, others over there>>>>>>>>>> are making new blogs. Ronni Bennett of
Time Goes By has added The Elder Storytelling Place as if she wasn't as busy as triplets already. I'm going to write a story for it soon (I hope) and hopefully she'll accept it. I've already told y'all that Millie Garfield of My Mom's Blog has added Millie's Yiddish Class and it's really fun! How she finds time with all her TV appearances I'll never know. I can't wait to see her on Ellen. Judy, who's been telling us to Just Ask Judy, now wants us to Imagine What I'm Leaving Out. It's a fun and interesting place and this mind reels at what she might be leaving out! Hal of Always Question (who was always thought-provoking there) now does great political commentary at his new blog, The View from Where I Sit. I'd like to see him and The Man have a discussion in that vein sorta like Point Counterpoint on 6o Minutes.

Hope y'all go pay these fine people a visit! All are a worthwhile read!

I'm busy as hell getting ready to head North on Wednesday to spend the holiday with The Man so this may be my last post until next Wednesday. Happy holidays to y'all as we remember those who have gone before us and . . .

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Kay, thank you so much for the mention. I am in some very good company there! I will take time to check out those I don't already know. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. It's great to have some new people to visit! Thanks for including me, and for your encouraging words.

  3. Thank you so much for finding my ramblings worth mentioning!

  4. millie garfield12:22 PM

    Thanks so much fori ncluding me with such good company. I have added the ones I do not already visit to my bookmark.

    Boy, do I have my work cut out for me. What with reading blogs, writing posts, netflix, reading for a book club I belong to, a little TV and the usual daily things to do - but first things first - Blogging comes first!!!

    Enjoy your week-end!

  5. Kay...I've seen your name on other's comments and I must say I was quite surprised to go to Technorati this evening and see me listed in one of your posts!
    Thank you so very much for the mention. I'm going to get back here to visit and read some of your entries. I've jotted down your URL.
    This Internet is an amazing place, isn't it? Have a great trip and wonderful holiday weekend. Best to you.

  6. Thanks to all of you! I added you because I love you all & wanted to share you with others who visit here. You're all special to me as I said.

  7. Hi!
    Thank you very much for the huge compliment. I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier to respond sooner.
    I'm having a ball blogging!

  8. bulbous12:42 PM

    You have no idea about Mark's going like sixty blog!!!

  9. No problem, Mark -- welcome to the Blogosphere & your niche here on my thinking cap!!

    bulbous -- I'm guessing here but are you Mrs. Mark? lol I'm also guessing that statement was made with your eyes rolling heavenward!


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