Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Kay Is Sixty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fellow Buckeye and former astronaut and U.S. Senator, John Glenn, said, "There is no cure for the common birthday." Today, April 17, 2007 is my 60th birthday and, while I didn't find him particularly wise or funny, I understand his statement all too well and agree with him completely.
For some reason, birthdays that end in a zero – 40, 50, 60 – are called milestone birthdays when, in reality, each year we live is a milestone. I decided that at age 40 that such birthdays were the perfect time to take a look at my life and drop some excess baggage from my psyche.
I haven't decided what I'm going to do with this one – in the last 20 years a lot has changed for me and I'm not certain it's all been for the better. I never thought, for reasons I won't enlarge upon, that I would attain this many years on the planet. It astounds me that I'm still here. I'm not complaining -- just observing that I'm a lot stronger than I ever thought. Now I have to decide what direction the rest of my life is going to take,

Someone known as Anonymous said, "Your sixties is the stage in life when you become mature, reliable and dependable. In other words, boring, predictable, and conventional." I take issue with that. I refuse to be boring, unpredictable is my middle name and I refuse to conform to anyone's standards but my own which amuses some folks and annoys others. C'est la vie.

On the whole, I don't mind being 60. I like myself better than I ever have in my life – the insecurities of the past are pretty much gone. Yeah, I'm still fighting some issues that won't be easily solved but I've come to understand that, in the long run, everything works out the way it should. I have hope that I will continue to learn and grow and that good things will come of it. My biggest fear of aging is that I'll become bitter and full of regrets and I try to guard against that. I do believe that a life without regret is a life not lived but I refuse to dwell on the things that coulda, woulda, shoulda been. I am convinced that the God I profess to believe in moves in mysterious and surprising ways or I wouldn't still be here.

I'm planning to have a wonderful day and a wonderful new decade no matter what comes my way and hope y'all do, too!!!!!! The Man is here until tomorrow and he's still spoiling me. Life is pretty good. Hope y'all are well and happy, too!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, Kay, and many more to come.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kay!
    Hope you and The Man have a fantastic day, and best wishes for many more years of good health and great happiness.
    (I can't get into my blog but I'll keep trying to post a greeting there.)

  3. Well, happy 60th birthday! Glad you're here and you're a nonconformist forever!

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  5. Happy Happy Birthday Kay...I reached this milestone three months before you. I hope you're celebrating exactly how you want to. You deserved to be spoiled my friend....CHEERS!

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  7. millie garfield6:00 PM

    Happy Birthday Kay. 60 - What a great age - so much ahead of you -- Wishing you good times, good health and good luck!!

  8. Whooohooo! Big Six O! From my view, you are just getting started. Hope you had a great time.

  9. A belated but nonetheless sincere Happy Birthday wish to you!

    Frankly, I never have paid much attention to all the stereotypical descriptions the different "...ologists" have given for different ages based on "group research studies." Life is such a highly individual experience. I do recall at fifty, telling my Dr. I wanted a checkup for the second half of my life, but as for all the other years, 30, 40, 60, 70 -- I've paid them little or no mind from that standpoint as they came and went.

    Don't waste your thoughts and energies on regrets -- what was, was. Focus on your future. Here's wishing you many good years as you've many ahead of you. ;-)

    BTW, I just heard on the news the Buckeyes 7 footer is going Pro.

  10. To my friends who offered all the lovely good wishes, thanks!!!!!!

    To Alex, whoever you are, I don 't know who you are but your comments are no longer welcome here. I suspect you are using someone else's blog as your platform and I will report it. I have left the one above and no further comments from you will be permitted.

  11. Happy birthday indeed -- I'll be there in a few months. Our cohort is splendid!


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