Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh My God!!!!

I came home from work today tired and a bit cranky because I'm not particularly happy with my new assignment. After I unlocked the front door, I checked my mailbox and glanced at the return addresses to see what fresh hell was afoot. There was mostly stuff for the trash can and one letter that left me a bit confused and I muttered, "Ohio Department of Aging . . . What the hell?" as I dropped my purse and my work bag. As I doffed my jacket it hit me and I suddenly knew what that letter was about. (Expletive deleted!) I didn't even have to open the envelope to know what it was but I opened the damned thing anyway.

It was my Golden Buckeye Card. (Kay rolls her eyes.) You might, gentle bloggers, ask what that is if you're not an Ohioan so I'll tell you. It's a card the State of Ohio came up with for elder Ohioans who have reached his/her 60th birthday. It was an ugly reminder that next month I shall reach that age. It makes one a card-carrying elder. I've been trying mightily to forget that. My friend Sharon and I decided several years ago when she was about to turn 60 that we were simply going to stay 59 because we were just not that kind of gal. It didn't work. Now I can say when someone tells me I don't look 60, "Wanna see my Golden Buckeye Card?

The card is really rather handy as it provides discounts on all sorts of goods and services at participating restaurants, retail stores. gyms, theaters, hairdressers and the list goes on . . . It even provides discounts on prescriptions! Most places give one a 10% discount but some give a larger one. When I called AT&T tonight to pay my bill, I asked if they honored Golden Buckeye Cards. No such luck.

My young neighbor Emily (daughter of one of my oldest friends) came by with her toddler to borrow a couple video tapes tonight and roared with laughter when I showed her my card. I told her to get over my knee and she laughed even harder. I felt like Rodney Dangerfield -- no respect whatsoever.

I decided the best thing I could do was come a-runnin' to the blogosphere and vent soooooooo here I am!

On the one hand, I really don't mind getting old -- most of the time I'm happier with myself than I've ever been in my decades on the planet so, for me, aging has been good. On the other hand I resent the Ohio Department of aging reminding me.

Am I being silly? Probably. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional so I guess I'll just keep on the same path and go where it takes me. Want to come along?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey, Kay, just hang on for two more years and the Government will pay YOU! What a great concept. After all those years of paying in, THEY pay out. Whoohoo. Wonder if they will give you more moola 'cause you have a Golden Buckey Card.

  2. I can see how getting that card would be tough. But if you keep having fun in life, you should be just fine.

  3. Suzz is right! Social Security is great, and you are close enough to it.

    I used to know a woman who had prematurely gray hair. Clerks wanted to give her a senior discount all the time and it made her mad. Finally she said, well, if they want to give me a discount - who am I to tell them no? After that, she always took the discount when it was offered, and she was only 50!

  4. The other day I went through the drive-thru at Long John Silvers, and when I got home I noticed that they'd given me a 10% senior discount... and I realized I was okay with that!

  5. Here in Canada we call getting the Old Age Pension ,Cash for Life lol. Why not celebrate anniversaries of being 59? Keep yourself active,keep physically fit and that will keep you young. A little experience talking here :0)

  6. Ohio has an official Dept. of Aging? Heh... No such luck here in Tennessee.

    Getting older ain't so bad. It only hurts for a little while. Every day...

    When I got the AARP card I found that it brought all kinds of discounts, etc. I've saved enough just on coffee at Hardee's to pay my AARP dues for another year.

    Right. You do not look 60, if that pic of you is anywhere near recent. Happy birthday whenever it is...

  7. Umm...excuse me but why aren't you out bettin' on the final four?

  8. Suzz and Judy? SS isn't gonna give me enough to survive decently. Decades as a at-home mom took care of that. sigh And yeah, I'm gonna need those discounts. sigh And Winston -- you are so sweet! The pic was taken by The Man about a year ago and he swears no touchups were necessary. Hey, Poopie -- I'm not betting on the Buckeyes 'cause if I did, it would jinx them. How much did you lose on the Volunteers?

  9. I love this "rant" Kay! Here in CO, they don't provide any such "bene" for surviving to an "older" age.....I "celebrated" my 56th yesterday, with no fanfare whatsoever....but I'm going to get my AARP card for the discounts!! For me the hard part is surviving from now until I can claim my Social Security and my pension...another 9 years for the pension and 11 for SS....

    I love reading your stuff!

  10. Hey -- we don't get one of those in CA. I'd qualify later this year. Every once in a while, someone offers me a senior discount and I take it cheerfully, though not quite legitimately yet. After all, I been doing the time...


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