Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rambling through the Blogosphere Again!

It's been a while since I did a ramble through the Blogosphere and I've added a few great, new links I'd love to share with you.

My friend and fellow Ohio State Buckeyes fan, "joared", after sharing her thoughts for ages on Ronni's Time Goes By for quite some time, finally started her own blog: Along the Way where she presents her thoughts on a broad range of topics. Her blogs on the Ohio State-Michigan game are terrific but I'm kind of biased as a born and bred Ohioan. I can't wait to see if she writes on the Fiesta Bowl where the Buckeyes WILL prevail!

Speaking of Ronni at Time Goes By, she embarked on a new project for those of us who are of a certain age: The TGB ElderMovie List, a list of movies that show elders in a positive way. It's a pretty great list with some really great films! The Kay is proud to say that she made a couple suggestions which are included on it.

Dan McVicar, who some of you may be acquainted with from the daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful, describes himself as a geek and hosts The McVlog, which he describes as "the Happy Meal of video blogs". He features interviews with well-known people and I came across it after the BlogHer Conference where he interviewed my dear friend Millie of My Mom's Blog and later made a "Happy Birthday" video for her. He also has a funny new website y'all might enjoy called The Late Nite Mash which features comedy, music, and three minutes of night life each day in the form of a video blog. His interview with Andy Garcia is excellent. Don't know about y'all but that's about all the night life I can handle these days and the nice part is I don't have to stay up late to enjoy it!

And last, but certainly not least, my friend Janet in Colorado blogs at Birdwatching in Westcliffe and I forgot to add her to my links. (100 lashes with the proverbial wet noodle to the Kay!) She posts wonderful pictures of the Colorado mountains and the local wildlife and is a truly great lady!

By the way, I changed my links to 'Kindred Spirits' because the word 'links' doesn't really fit. Y'all are friends and people I greatly admire and respect!

All of the above are great places to visit and I hope y'all take a gander at them.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. thanks for the shout out...glad that you are enjoying our moments of nitelife everyday....

    Also, the community is getting interesting, people are connecting, creating, and it is a wonder to see.

  2. I had the great pleasure of meeting and spending time with Dan McVicar at Blogher this summer.

    What a great guy!! He's handsome, clever and fun to be with.

    My mother's favorite expression was, "If you don't go out, nothing will happen." If I hadn't gone to Blogher I won't have met Dan!


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