Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kay's World: A New Way of Looking at the World Redux

I had an appointment with Dr. Jamie yesterday. I was anxious to go because it was the follow up to my cataract surgery. I arrived at his office and they, mercifully, called my name quickly. I went through the various examinations and tests and then I had to wait seemingly forever to see Dr. Jamie. My turn finally came and the following conversation ensued:

DrJ: How are you?
KD: You tell me. (laughing)
DrJ: You are absolutely perfect!
KD: There are those who would argue that point. (laughing)
DrJ: Seriously! You are healed. You took care of yourself wonderfully. You came here legally blind in your left eye and you’re now 20/20. Your right is nearly 20/20. You only need glasses for reading.
KD: Cool!

We talked a bit more about how frightened I’d been about the surgery and I told him about my writing all about it on my blog. He chuckled at the term ‘elderblogger’ and was surprised when I told him about responses from people who either were going to have the surgery or know someone who is and thanked me for the details of my experience. (My purpose for writing about it in the first place was to share my experience do others wouldn’t be as scared as I was.) I hope I assuaged some fears. The great news is that the cataract in my right eye is still tiny and won’t require surgery for several years!!! He ordered me bifocals but says I can go without glasses if I wish. I told him that I need my glasses for work and to cover some wrinkles that are rearing their ugly little heads. Yeah, yeah, yeah – vanity thy name is Kay! LOL

Y’all take care and Happy Blogging!

Kay 07/29/06

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