Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kay's World: How I've spent my absence from here

The Kay gal has been AWOL in case anyone has noticed. My life, since the end of February, has ranged from catastrophe & chaos to heights of happiness that I'd forgotten existed. I'll spare you most of the gory details, gentle bloggers -- who needs that drama? Suffice it to say that, in mid-move, I tripped across a cute wall sign that reads: "There will be no crisis this week. My schedule is full." It was so very apropos to my life I had to buy it.

Y'all know I was sick & in the midst of it, I was forced to seek new digs. That's always an adventure at the best of times but this wasn't the best of times which made it even more so. The great news is that I managed to find a great, affordable new place. I have the first floor of a big old house with such amenities as great natural woodwork, a huge fireplace in my dining room, built-in bookcases in my bedroom AND a big front porch where I intend to sit on warm summer nights sipping margaritas and surveying my domain. The best news is that I still live in my beloved neighborhood. And that I had great friends who pitched in to see that I got moved! I am happy.

I'm also told that I look better since I moved which confirms my suspicions that the building where I'd resided for seven years was what they call a sick building. My former landlord made headlines locally as our area's leading slumlord which raises questions in my mind of why his name is still on the list of approved Section 8 landlords but that's another blog and right now I'm still in the midst of unpacking. When I moved into my old place, I had two suitcases of clothes & three boxes: one of dishes & pots & pans, one of linens and one of paperwork. As I cleared out my old place I kept asking: "Where the hell did all this crap com from?" I'm still asking it as I unpack. I'll be ready when the Neighborhood Association holds its garage sale and we trade junk with each other.

The nicest thing that's happened is a long-time -- about 4 years --Internet friend and my writing guru decided that he should make the trek to Ohio to visit me for my 59th birthday. The countless emails & online chats & 25-40 hours a month of long daily telephone conversations were no fluke!!! We found that our friendship is, mostly likely, going to last, deepen and grow, & that the new dimension we've added is a good thing for both of us. (We've known each other so long & talked about Life, the Universe & Everything so much that there were no surprises.) He plans to return soon & I will be heading to visit him in time. God knows where all this might lead but, in the meantime, it's fun & a good friend has become a better one.

I am smiling a lot these days. I am happy. After years of disappointments, heartache, pain, crises, and upheaval, I am relatively at peace. And that's a good thing. May all of you find the same if you haven't already.


Copyright 2006 Kay Dennison


  1. Kay, your absence was worth it...look at all the wonderful news you had for us. I am very happy for you dear lady. What good news to hear. It seems you've had your share of troubled times....now it's your turn to enjoy some of the good life. Congratulations!

  2. Kay,
    I did notice---and thought of you often. So glad you're back and feeling fine. You've had more than your share of aggravation and deserve a peaceful and relaxing summers. I look foward to your wonderful posts!


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