Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kay's World: Miscellaneous Ramblings

Just had a couple quick thoughts I wanted to share with y'all. Life has been intruding on my time in the blogosphere but you're near & dear to me as always &, hopefully, things will settle to a dull roar soon.

Something I feel badly about is that I've tried to respond personally to all of you who have left comments as I sincerely appreciate them. Some of my e-mails to you have come bouncing back sometimes as it did to darling Golden Lucy. And some of you, when I attempt to send you a reply, use a no-reply addy as does Joy -- a new acquaintance (& I hope, a friend) whose blog I will be adding soon to my links. She writes lovely poetry & writes on various aspects of her life -- some humorous; some that touch one's heart deeply. And, Joy? Those body piercing pics make me ache all over! (And my thoughts on that topic, i.e., body piercings, are another rant . . . er . . . ah . . . blog -- yeah, that's it -- blog.)

Ronni Bennett at Times Goes By wrote a womderful piece about how we need crisis in our lives to grow. I have to agree with her. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger has long been a part of my personal philosophy as have the maxims "Desperate times call for desperate measures." & "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Both of these reminders have pulled me through some pretty tough times although I could be looking at some tougher times soon & I'm asking how I can make lemonade when I can't afford sugar. I guess I'll find out. This week I actually made a much-dreaded phone call & a crisis was resolved. Next week I'll put another to rest -- Lord willing. Since I seem to be dealing with the crisis du jour instead of the soup du jour of late. I'm growing on a daily basis. I'm not complaining -- I always land on my feet & I have to remind myself of that as I ramble down my rocky path. I figure I'm gonna be Wonder Woman by the time I die.

Does anyone else out there hate Access-- the Microsoft database program? I took a course in it several years ago & it was instantaneous dislike. The good news is I never had to use it until this past week. The bad news is I spent hours fighting with it all week long. Grrrrrrrrr. At the end of each day I was asking, "Can I go home? My brain is full." until Friday when I asked, "Can I have a gun & a bullet so I can shoot my computer before I leave?" This morning I was delighted when the Admin Asst. from my current assignment called to tell me all my hard work was not MIA -- I was sure it had been devoured my some weird cyberspace being -- but she couldn't get the damn program to do what we needed it to do either. Makes me glad to know it wasn't just me the program was fighting. It's obviously an Equal Opportunity Annoyer.

A helpful hint for you executive types out there: be nice to the receptionist. Some of us have good instincts. My current work assignment is as receptionist for a non-profit agency. They have been conducting a search for a new CEO. Guess who each of the ten candidates met first? Of course, I formed opinions. I decided after the first round of interviews the gentleman from Louisville really stood out & would be an ideal CEO. That was reinforced after the second interviews. Yesterday the board voted & announced that the gentleman from Louisville is our new CEO! I'm wondering if I'm wrong in drawing the conclusion is that I should be hiring CEOs instead of greeting them. LOL! Being under-employed is not fun.

Well, I'm rambled out for now. May a gracious God be good to you all. And . . .

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hi Kay, did you have trouble e-mailing me? I don't usually have a problem receiving them. If someone leaves me a comment, it generates an e-mail to me. Then I can e-mail them back.

    Thanks for the very sweet words in your post....very thoughtful. I've added you to my blogroll too...makes it easier to visit. I'll be back often....take care....-Joy

  2. Hi Kay -- everyone I know who uses Access hates it, including data base programmers. I once knew an invaluable woman who could actually get reports out of it, but she quit.

  3. Kay Dear,
    Sorry about the emails. The address on my site is correct but Jack has so much anti-this-and-that on my computer. It's possible it picked up on something in your letter or address that warned "Danger, Will Rogers!" (Jack says that frequently. I think it's from an old TV show ut I'll be darned if I can remember what it is.)
    I see you're an Ohio girl. My family has been in the Queen City for 3 generations. I only went to FL to get out of the ice and snow.
    And that's why I'm in CO??!!
    In any case, keep up the good work. Life, long or short is as you demonstrate in yours: pretty much what we make of it.
    Have a lovely week of peace.

  4. My goodness! Miscellaneous ramblings is a good topic! Just goes to show thinking out loud, which is what I basically do here, is not a bad thing! lol I sincerely appreciate hearing from all of you! What lovely ladies you are! Thanks for the link, Joy! I've visited you and haven't commented yet but I will! And Jan, you have no idea after all the frustration I had with Access this past week, how nice to know that I'm not alone. Misery really does love company, dontcha know? And Lucy, Jack is right to be cautious. There's a lot of junk out there. I just wish the spammers would figure out that I've no burning need for Viagra! lol Blessing upon all of you!


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