Friday, February 22, 2013

A Couple Notes

Just a few random thoughts at the end of kinda weird, sometimes crazy, week.

* The ex and I saw "Lincoln" last last night. We both loved it which was no great surprise -- we're both history buffs and fans of Steven Spielberg. (we raised two more so I'm guessing that our kids won't miss it either). Daniel Day Lewis), Tommy Lee Jones, and Sally Field were outstanding (gross understatement) in their roles as President Lincoln,Thaddeus Stevens, and Mary Todd Lincoln respectively and Spielberg's production appeared to be right on -- I especially liked the antique feeling of the film and there was a surprise ending -- which was a surprise in itself. It was a kick to see Lincoln wandering around D.C. without a cadre of Secret Service guys! What bothers me most is that we're still fighting over the same damn stuff. Sigh. Here's the trailer:

* I was appalled at the nastiness that went on here and elsewhere over my Rubio post and I finally deleted/refused a lot of them. I don't have a blog to have my character maligned, my intelligence insulted, and my life torn to shreds and if you came to my home and behaved that way, I'd throw you out post haste. I'm a pretty tough old broad but there's line that decent people shouldn't cross. Thanks to all of you who supported me -- especially Cop Car who ran excellent defense. Those Kansas women are tough and smart!!!

* Speaking of YouTube, in my wanderings there I tripped a pair of delightful, creative young Croatian men who have been taking the music world by storm. They call themselves TwoCellos and are classically trained. Before y'all start yawning, picture cellos hooked to amps and play good old Rock and Roll!!! I just love them -- as I do any artist who really love what they're doing. I don't want to say that they're good but Sir Elton John has become one of their biggest fans. Here's some short video . . . AC/DC and Vivaldi, too. Did you ever think you'd see teens screaming over Vivaldi? They do. Here two videos that show their versatility and talent . . .

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Thanks for introducing me to the 2Cellos. Enjoyed the music.

  2. I always love a cello---two is superb. Missed your pulled post, but knowing you and American politics, I was firmly behind you anyway. Take care.

  3. Yup, really enjoyed Lincoln.
    And thank you for posting the TwoCellos. I hadn't seen them.

  4. I really enjoyed Lincoln too. I teared up when he said, "I wish I could stay..."

    I'm so sorry you had such grief with your Rubio post. I was shocked when a "friend" of mine (Art's actually) got really nasty about Obama on my Facebook. My jaw absolutely dropped. The venom! The hatred! It was beyond belief just how over-the-top nasty some people can be. And this was a friend. He's still a friend, but I told him not to talk politics with me unless he can be CIVIL and polite.

  5. Thanks for the video. I loved them. I posted them on my facebook page. We loved Lincoln, too. One of the things that stood out to me was that they had to wear blankets over their shoulders to keep warm, even-the President! We often don't realize how much we take for granted....central heating, for example.

  6. I agree, DDL did a fantastic job, and I, too, was surprised to see Lincoln wandering around D.C. without a cadre of Secret Service guys. Was it really that way, back 150 years ago? And I definitely agree that we could all tone down the venom and vitriol and be respectful of those who don't agree with us. (Gee whiz, I seem to be agreeable today!)

  7. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Kay--I'm not much of a rocker, so didn't play much of that video (and played the little only after the Vivaldi); but...the ROCKED! In fact, I went to YouTube to listen to others - and downloaded two Vivaldi pieces to my "play list". Thank you, so much.

    Kay2--Before I get too upset about people who are uncivil in discussing Pres Obama, I stop to consider how much vitriol was spread online about Pres Bush. We all need to learn better. Like Kay, I have (at least once) had to retract a posting on which I had gotten carried away.
    Cop Car

  8. Sorry you had such a negative response to the Rubio. I didn't see anything wrong with it and wondered if I had somehow missed it. Why people can't simply disagree politely and let the matter go I don't know. And I don't understand the tit-for-tat mentality which demands that commentary on one side of an issue demands equal commentary on the other. Don't let the idiots get you down.

  9. Always glad to find you hanging in--even in very trying situations. It is not hard to feel murderous toward Congress and their inhumanity

  10. Wow!! Not yer mello cello fer sure.

    Kay you know that politics is a blood sport? In another place and time it could literally cost you your head.
    I'm just one of your readers but I will be happy when you return to the blogging that I liked so much.Perhaps you should have a second blog where you can expound on your political ideas.I enjoyed this post.

  11. Thanks for intro to the 2Cellos. I'd not heard of them before. For the first time ever, tonight as we watch the Oscars, Hubby and I will have seen all except one--Amore which is on my list--of the movies up for best picture. It's such a good lineup this year. I really liked LINCOLN, think it came out at the most opportune moment this year. I'm not sure which one--Lincoln himself or Daniel Day Lewis--but he sure looked and sounded a lot like my Grandpa Graham. Plus, I'm glad they didn't make Mrs. Lincoln look like a fanatic crazy old lady.

  12. Yes, it was great, but do go see "Quartet." :)

  13. I, too, enjoyed Lincoln but my favorite for the upbeat mood it created in me -- unexpected as I was so surprised by the ending -- was "Pi." Quartet was excellently acted, presented much for all to think about, another unexpected ending to me -- but I encounter so much variation in how individuals and family members think about these end of life issues I probably wasn't as emotionally impacted by the movie.

    Don't know what upset anyone about your Rubio comments, but didn't see anything to create such an uproar as sounds like you were subjected to.

  14. Oops! Not sure what I wrote before as it hasn't posted yet, but I was thinking of "Amour" when I said what I did. "Quartet" was quite a different story which presented much light-hearted subject matter. Gosh, 'spose my mixup is age-related malfunction??? Surely not!


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