Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Thoughts and a Bunch of Stuff

Go ahead. Beat me up. I deserve it. That said, I'm going to explain why I haven't been around much anyway. AND I have a bunch of stuff I want to share with y'all and then I'm gonna get busy and visit y'all -- barring distractions, of course!

* I've been giving as much time as I can to the Obama campaign as I can. It's fun and I love meeting new people. Last night I had a great chuckle -- the phone rang and it was a nice young man who wanted to know if I could spare some time to help with the Obama campaign!!! I roared with laughter and had a nice chat with him when I stopped laughing.

* Here's my laughed of the week -- I just love it when the Reckless Right screws up!

* There isn't much I can say on the Colorado incident except that it saddens me terribly. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families of the victims. I was really impressed with one of my favorites comics on how he handled the tragedy.
He's a class act and he's right -- events like this diminish all of us.

* And Bill Maher puts it all in perspective . . .

* Y'all know that I am a strong supporter of our armed forces as the daughter, sister, niece, cousin, mother, and ex-wife of veterans -- not to mention a descendent of the original American veterans. I got a really nice note from asking me to pass along this link regarding Mitt Romney's plan to cut benefits for those courageous men and women who have defended our country.
Please go here to lend your support and spread the word to help support our vets and those currently serving our country! Thanks!!!

* Renegade film maker Robert Greenwald has an excellent new film on what corporations are doing via ALEC to education. Our children and grandchildren are under attack and you can see it here. It will kill our public school system.

* I am not a techie person but I do subscribe to a couple tech websites because i really do feel the need to keep this addic . . . er, ah . . . machine running. One of my favs is PC Pitstop. It's really quite helpful. This week they validated my suspicions/fears about Facebook. Check out the article here.

Golly gee whiz!!!! That's a bundle of stuff!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. That discussion on Facebook has been there also with warnings again to check our permissions. It takes time once in awhile but prevents a lot of this. It's pretty obvious on many sites away from Facebook that if you do post a like there, not only Facebook but Twitter and some other places might get the Like. My answer is to not post likes that I don't agree with and make sure that anything on my own page is only open to friends, not friends of friends. That said the whole internet is really open to misuse including blogs. We need to be sure what we have out there is what we believe and can live comfortably with having known.

  2. I remember Craig Ferguson when he still did his stand up act as Bing Hitler

  3. Liked all the videos. Haven't had time to keep up on the political scene so it's bloggers like you that keep me laughing about the political players. -- barbara

  4. That Bill Maher episode if one of the funniest pieces I've ever seen. Thanks!

  5. Loved that Bill Maher video clip! So perfect! Thank you for your hard work for Obama.

  6. Loved the videos. I haven't been on Facebook much at all and don't intend to go on much any more. The whole thing has become way too boring.

  7. The Bill Maher video is hilarious! It's really sad to hear about the incident in Colorado as it also reminds me of what happened here in Norway a year ago. The difference was that in our case it was a politically driven crime, but still what a waste of life. :(

  8. I don't like FB either! Going there the very little I do (Hubby uses my account to check up on his relatives in India) makes me feel like I'm back in high school. I didn't like high school way back then and I'm sure I still wouldn't. It may just be time to get myself off it for good, too.

  9. Mitt Romney plans to cut everything but taxes for rich people. Sad and scarry times! Hope it will not happen ;)
    I have FB to stay in touch with old friends overseas...
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Nice compilation. Thanks.

  11. Lots of food for thought, my dear Kay....And thanks so much for the Bill Maher clip...!
    I don't understand Facebook. And I guess I never will...! It all seems very 'high-handed', to me.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

  12. All the more reason why my FB and even my LinkedIn accounts are very superficially used, or not used to speak of at all as I've described in my most recent post. As for Craig F., I agree he's a talented guy I would like to see have an opportunity to upgrade the content quality of his show I too featured when he introduced Secretariat -- really tickled my funnybone!

    I don't know how you can find time for blogging and you don't need to apologize for not doing more as far as I'm concerned. Your efforts in the key state of Ohio for this coming election are really important for all of us vitally interested in the outcome of this election who live in states like mine where our votes won't have as much impact -- still important we vote, but you know what I mean.


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