Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gotta Love it!!!

It's a busy day here -- it's my day with Vascular Dude and, hopefully, he'll give me a good report and let me get back to my (what passes for) normal schedule. I'll have a full report on that tomorrow. I really didn't plan to post but this was to good not to share.. Like many of you who read here, I grew up in the 50s when the Russians were our hated enemies. That has changed.

I love flash mobs. Soooo when the video below landed in my mailbox this a.m., it really resonated with me. Remember the grim video we saw back in the 50s from Russia? Look how far we've come in the past five decades! I, for one, love it!!!! Hope y'all do, too!!!

I'll be around to see y'all soon!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. LOVED it! These things always make me cry. :) or else get up and move.

  2. That was GREAT! Totally perked me up. been procrastinating ..miserably so as is tax time and I have to hunt down receipts and do it all. Anyway ..this was a delight - I always enjoy the flash mob dancing and wish I could do with them. have you ever seen the pink glove dances? As a former hospital worker ...I'd so jump into doing a video for that cause. Worth googling. :)

    Kay, I am sorry to read that you've been in pain and endured surgery, etc. I hope each day finds you increasingly on the mend.

  3. This was fun, wasn't it. It came my way a couple of days ago, and I was happy to send it around to people who needed a big smile.

  4. My, how those "evil commies" have changed! All we can do is hope the young don't repeat the mistakes of their parents in all of our countries. Seeing this gives me some hope for the future.

  5. This dance was a definite smile and then some! Glad you shared!

  6. Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper. :)

  7. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Flash mob videos are not my cuppa, at all. I nearly skipped this one. Oh, I am so glad that I did not. My face is tired from grinning - all of the way through it and while writing this. I must share this with some family.
    Cop Car
    P.S. The thing that struck me the most (besides appreciation of the work that the participants put in preparing for the event) is how svelte the participants (and bridal couple) are. Ages ago (yes, in the 1950s), the people of the USSR struck most of us as being "stocky". Wow! They put us to shame!
    P.P.S. Thank you for this joyous video!

  8. admire all the fine young people who can move like this!! lucky bride & groom!! wherever did you find this??? too cool.....

  9. Wow that is great, betcha Lenin and his pal Stalin are spinning on a spit in Hell over that.

  10. That was absolutely wonderful, Kay! After nearly 2 days babysitting children on spring break it was exactly what I needed! Btw, I remember at least once in first or second grade crouching in the inner hallway of our grammar school in Florida, and it was all the scarier because of not quite knowing what was going was much different from the fire drills. Thanks for sharing. You "sound" good.


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