Friday, January 06, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh . . .

After all the idiocy in Iowa, I am seriously burnt out on GOP politics and I think y'all prolly feel the same way sooooo . . . here are a few things that made me laugh . . .

This was in my newsletter from The Daily Share -- excellent stuff from those nice folks at MoveOn.Org.  Y'all can subscribe here.

Quote of the Week:

After the Iowa Caucuses, Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) suggested this for the Democrats'2012 bumper sticker

We're not perfect -- but they're NUTS!!!!!

I got a giggle from this short (1:46) video that pretty much sums up the Iowa Caucus:

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Kay,
    I woke up depressed, crabby, and with little or no energy. Your blog raised my spirits and made me laugh. What would I do without your wit and political savvy?

  2. Too cute, that vid! 'Course, he didn't go as far with the Santorum surge metaphor as he could have, but...just google Santorum. And Colbert says it's gotta be the sweater vest!

  3. I simply cannot believe that a political party would consider such a shower of imbeciles as serious contenders for the most important political office on the planet.

    Santorum or should that be Sanatorium? did give we Brits a laugh when he said that our National Health Service destroyed the British Empire!

    The idea of him in the Oval Office is scary... then gain so is the prospect of President Paul, Perry or Gingrich!

  4. Very cute.
    (I-O, I-O-WA)

  5. Another good video to lift my spirits and be reminded not to take things too seriously! That's why I just read other's political blogs. I can't be funnier than the Republicans no matter how I try.

  6. Loved all of it :)

    I want that bumper sticker, lol

  7. And OMG--they are descending on SC now--First in the South--May be a curse rather than a blessing- LOL


  8. Maria: You are too sweet!

    Nance: Some things just are better left unsaid.

    Jams: Neither can I. And yes, they scare the bejaysis outta me!

    Colleen: LOL yup! But telling!!

    Alice: The sad part is that they aren't trying to be silly!

    LTTS: I want the bumper sticker!

    John: My sincere condolences.

  9. Yep, that was great. Thanks for the laughs. Happy Weekend Kay... ~Joy

  10. Yep, that was great. Thanks for the laughs. Happy Weekend Kay... ~Joy

  11. Love the bumper sticker!!

  12. Joy: I prefer laughing to crying!

    Cis: You know someone will make it and I will let y'all know where to get one!

  13. I love the bumper sticker; if they get made, please let me buy one.


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