Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Crazy

I'm still buried and out of sorts. However, I do want thank you loyal supporters who are still hanging with me. I do want to get around to visit y'all but it doesn't bode well. I see the shrink and the neurologist next week -- and I especially hope the latter has some answers or at least some decent advice. What it probably means is more damned tests. Sigh.

The political scene is, at best pathetic and the GOP is threatening default AGAIN!!!! I swear the stress of that is going to drive me to an early grave. I'm hoping to head up north but if Boehner et al try to pull that stunt, I simply can't.

Here's Bill Maher back from vacation with 1:03 seconds of giggle.


  1. While you are concentrating on healing and figuring out what is going on with your body, you really ought to give politics a rest and let it go. We can't fix it right now and let those of us who are healthy get irate over it-- hopefully not to make ourselves sick in the process. I wrote a blog on the subject of li which I knew little about and still don't know a lot. I can't remember what day it's set for but the next blog there. That's what we all need to concentrate on for our sanity right now. Paying attention to the news just drives me nuts but I will keep doing it and writing about it unless I get sick from it-- then I will also take a break and concentrate only on positive things of which there are many but not any on the news!

  2. Ha ha. When I hear the word "authentic" I reach for my revolver. It's the favorite word of every American charlatan and fool.
    Hope all goes well for you Kay. Glad you are getting help.

  3. Yes'm, Perry's an Authentic Asshole! The real deal.

    Honey, I hope you're feeling better soon. You're missed and to be commended for hanging in, yourself. And the government funding cliff-hangers? I swear, I've had it with those clowns. It's all just political theater and gotcha television to me now. I'm glad the Democrats are not taking it all lying down, but I can't say it makes for greater confidence in the workings of Congress.

  4. Prayers for some helpful answers - and a hug...

  5. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Thinking of you here. Good luck with the doctor visits. Can't be fun or easy. The whole bunch of those repubs are not worth your time or energy. When we really get down to the election, that is when you will be that outrage for then. In the meantime, you need to gather your strength and gird your loins for that fight.
    Sending a hug.

  6. Rain: We're talking about my sole source of income. If they default I'm dead. And the GOP is really the least of my worries.

    Hattie: Good plan!!! I think 'authentic' is equivalent to "trust me"!!!

    Nance: see Hattie's plan!

  7. Hey, Kay, glad you are back. Try to take things easy and get healthy. Take a break from the politics. I have had to for my mental health. I find I have a very low tolerance (and getting lower) for the political assholes. One reason I haven't watched any of the Repthuglican faux debates.


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