Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Insomnia Post

I couldn't sleep all last night and I have a busy day ahead. I have to go buy a gift for little Ana across the street because today she has reached the immense age of one year old and I am invited to the celebratory dinner and cake party this evening. I remember taking Bryce and Gracie and their Grandma to see her when she was only hours old and all she's done since is get cuter and more fun -- and she's decided she adores me and crawls all over me!!! (HUGE smile)

Here are a couple short videos that I think are pretty great!!!!

Here are workers down in SW Ohio picketing at John "I got 98% of what of I wanted."
Boehner's office. They were mad because the doors were locked and Boehner was up in Dublin (a wealthy suburb of Columbus) playing golf at a fund raiser! The signs are funny but sadly true.

Dylan Ratigan went viral and was right on the money!!! It's about time somebody said it!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Wow. Simply WOW! Sharing on FB.

  2. Leslie: Please do. Glad you came by. Don't be a stranger, gal!!!

  3. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Better you should go to the BD party than me, Kay. I went to our great-grandson's 1st BD party a couple of months ago. Adults shouldn't be subjected to that!
    Cop Car

  4. I've never is Dylan Ratigan like that.. I think he is really pissed.

  5. I like Dylan Ratigan (not that I watch him much, or any other cable news, b/c most of it is very short on fact and way too long on opinion, outrage and just plain ignorance), but I've never seen him lose it like this. Whew! Good for him ... I guess.

  6. that is some passionate man---if only passion could drive politics.

  7. CC: She was an absolute doll!

    Hattie: Yes?

    Joe: Me neither!!!! I liked it!!! No excuses -- just telling how he REALLY feels!!!

    Sightings: Yep!!!

    Lorna: Indeed!!!!!

  8. As someone who lives 20 miles from Boehner (I'm in the Schmidt), THANK YOU for posting this.

    NO on Issue 2!

  9. Ricky: You're welcome and you have my sympathy!!! I hope you will be campaigning for his opponents in come 2012.

  10. Ricky: You're welcome and you have my sympathy!!! I hope you will be campaigning for his opponents in come 2012.

  11. I'm so sorry you had such a bad night's sleep again Kay. That little cutie that has taken to you might be just the medicine you need right now....certainly can't hurt. Take care sweetie... ~Joy xo

  12. Whoa -- Dylan Ratigan told it like it is. Maybe we should have him run as an independent for Pres?

    Kay if you could leave a comment on my blog with a link to your post about your house I would appreciate it

    -- thanks barbara


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