Friday, August 05, 2011

Trying Hard

It's been busy and weird here and I'm getting this posted late because I realized that the Hall of Fame parade is tomorrow morning and, since I live a block and a half off the major artery where it's held, I had to get my errands done before they shut it down making navigating the city difficult at best. I haven't felt well due to lack of sleep and God knows what else and am trying hard to get things right here. What helps is that my neurologist has a sleep clinic and I meet with him next month. I hope he has help. I talked with my counselor, Dr. Gerri, and she was helpful and supportive of my current concerns.

* Last night I was Ana Michelle's playmate. She almost one year old and pure delight and I'm her big buddy. She's beginning to walk now and climbs in my lap grinning all the way. I love babies and am glad her mommy and grandma share her with me. Then again, her grandma says that I'm family and I am greatly honored.

* A question that keeps nagging at me about Michelle Bachmann's candidacy for 2O12 is this: She states that she submits to her husband. If she were elected (and I hope not), would we be governed by her or her husband? Either way, we lose. Just my take.

* Governor Chris Christie (who I usually think is nuts) gets a big round of applause for his no holds barred defense of his appointment of a Muslim judge. Guess who opposed it and yammered about Sharia Law? (hint: it begins with 'Tea')

* Sarah Palin trashed Mit Romney. She has a hard time with people who aren't batsh*t crazy.

* Texas Governor Rick Perry, who may be running for president, called Catholicism "a Godless theology of hate." Y'all know what I think of that. As a Catholic child, I was taught that Jesus loves me and "The Golden Rule" just like any other Christian child and I know my church's shortcomings all too well. I don't know what brand of Christianity Perry practices, but if that's what it teaches, it's obviously in Never-Never land.

I'm fed up with the whole damned mess!

Hopefully, I'll get some relief and can get back to regular posting and visiting all y'all.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    This has been my question about MB as well. She then says that her husband is off limits to reporters. Um, no, he is especially fair game, if you are telling us that he is in charge of your proposed President of our country. She is beyond nuts, and I just can't figure out why so many people don't get that. I thought it was just crazy people in my district, and now I see that there are lots of crazies all over this country who seem to like her. I truly fear for the future if she becomes a candidate, and god-forbid wins. I have threatened to move to Europe, and that is not a joke.
    But I am biding my time, she is going to do something so crazy that even the crazies won't be able to apologize for it. Wait and has something to do with that husband and/or the foster kids she so often brags about having.I'll bet on it.

  2. Rick Perry also agrees with that idiot preacher who said God wanted Hitler to do what he did to the Jews! Seems to me this country is becoming more like Iran every day!

  3. MB makes Palin look smart, how scary is that!!

    all of this is making me sad and tired and at times, when I have the energy, angry

    I hope you get some restful sleep soon, I know what it's like to be exhausted

    Hope sends hugs

  4. I'm so sorry you're still having sleeping problems Kay....I hope you get some relief very soon. Little ones take your mind off of things, don't they? Sounds like you're having fun with that sweet baby.

    MB?? Can't even go there....and don't want to. Happy Weekend Kay... ~Joy

  5. On Rick Perry: Most of my friends (lots) who are Catholics also are right-wing Republicans. Go figure.


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