Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm glad it's Friday!  It's been a convoluted week on so many levels and that I'm not feeling all that well didn't help much. One of these days I'll feel really good and I won't know what to do with myself.

Dan was here almost all day and installed some plumbing. Good stuff!!!  He'd been down here three or four times in the past month and finally decided that new equipment was the only solution. Hallelujah! We get along okay and joke a lot and trade stories.  Another reason why I stay here.  And then I got to clean up the mess -- no fun but worth it.

A bit later I saw Bryce sitting on their steps looking woebegone and I said, "What's the matter, Punkin?"
and came over to tell me that he and his girlfriend broke up (which makes all of us grownups glad). So I gave him a hug and we talked about it and I got him to laugh.  He also had good news --  he's made the freshman football team and a very big deal because his high school is nationally known for its program. I promised that I would go to his games and holler for him and he grinned.   When Michelle came home, we talked about his day and offered assistance.  One of the things I do best is attend high school sports.  The Dynamic Duo were both athletes and I spent countless hours traveling to watch them play soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and water polo as well as swimming and track,  Swimming was my favorite because it meant I had both kids in the same place at the same time -- until college. Sigh.

I just watched another truly excellent documentary.  This one was from PBS' American Masters series:  Alfred Stieglitz:  The Eloquent Eye.  Stieglitz was a pioneer in photography as art and became a  mentor of many of our greatest artists and photographers and was the first to show Pablo Picasso's paintings in this country.  I didn't know much about him until I saw the excellent film "Georgia O'Keefe" with whom he had a long relationship and marriage and this documentary filled in some blanks. It also included clips of of an interview with Ms. O'Keefe, whose work I love, at age eighty-one talking about him and his work. Both are available from Netflix and well worth your time if y'all enjoy the arts as much as I do. 

I'm hoping to take a field trip this weekend -- maybe down to Amish country -- but today is errand day so I'll be off and running.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Amish country (if you're talking Pa.), will likely be underwater from Irene. My advice: stay in Ohio!

  2. Because I am a major fan of O'Keeffe, I knew pretty much everything about Stieglitz but absolutely loved that documentary so much that I went looking for a place to buy it. I could have-- at $100. Forget that but I definitely want to see it again as it told any wantabe photographer so much about the art to really good photos. Of all the documentaries I have seen on them both (some I do own), this was my favorite.

  3. Kay, I hope you get your outing and that you feel well enough to truly enjoy it.

  4. Sightings: We have our own Amish Country in Ohio. In fact, a little town just north of us in our county has a lot of Amish folks.

    Rain: Why am I so not surprised that you're a fan of his and Ms. O'Keefe. As to the price, yikes!!! Try You might find a gently used copy at fair price.

    Lorna: We'll see. Gotta see how the errands go.

  5. One of the real joys of my life was going to all the sporting events during the school years of my kids. I never missed one...even though it got a little crazy. I so thoroughly enjoyed rooting everyone kids and all the others. Feel better soon Kay...Happy Weekend. ~Joy

  6. Joy: I enjoyed those days immensely, too! my ex and I joked when we had to head in different directions be cause one kid would be playing a 'home' game and the other was 'away'. And on top of everything else, Kate was in speech and debate and marching, concert, and jazz band. I had a sign in my kitchen that read, "If a woman's place is in the home, why am I always in the car?"

  7. Have fun this weekend. And I hope you feel better, too.

  8. We have some Amish areas near us in southwestern Michigan and also in northern Indiana. Some visit our weekly farmer's markets to sell their produce. One of our local furniture stores features "Amish Oak" furniture.

    Invariably nice people, who do quality work.

  9. Oh I can just envision myself going to sporting events and the likes once Odd and I have children of our own. When I was a child my mother was nowhere to be found during those kind of events so I'm basically alone with just friends and classmates.

    Anyway, I hope you're feeling better now. Take care :)

  10. Hattie: The jury's still out on the weather so who knows?

    Dick: We're surrounded by them and yes, they are very nice people!

    Chaz: I think you and Odd will be awesome parents and raise your children well!!! I hope we're both still blogging when that happens so I can applaud!!

  11. I really like PBS' American Masters they have some great shows about some great people...

  12. Reads like you're feeling better, so am glad. Dear friend here is battling with "atypical" migraines she just can't seem to shake.

    Can imagine getting that plumbing fixed will be welcome. I've got to get a handyman to come in and take care of some things here beyond my skills.

    Yeah, used to be lots of Amish and Mennonites around Ohio up near Columbiana, Salem and over around Sugarcreek --probably some other areas.


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