Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Update

My sleep patterns are becoming more erratic and I'm actually breaking out in hives. Still, I'm trying to keep up with y'all -- which is a never-ending battle because y'all are so prolific. I envy those who don't share the compunction that requires me to always leave comments whether or not the courtesy is returned.

From my How-Did-I-Miss-This? Dept.:

Rush Limbaugh destroyed any iota of credibility he ever may have had in sixteen seconds:

In rebuttal and exposure of Rush's idiocy as well as mispronouncing his name, please meet my senator, Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio:

I don't think I need to type another word to make my point.

* My Hero Bernie Sanders (and a great friend of Sherrod Brown) spoke at the United Steelworkers convention and y'all can see all the parts at The Bernie Buzz as well as sign up for his new letter. There's more at the Friends of Bernie

* Christine "I Am Not a Witch" O'Donnell has written a book and while I wondered about who really wrote it (since I consider her an idiot) I watched her walk out on Piers Morgan because he dared to ask questions she didn't want to answer. My take on this whole thing? It's his show and his rules and Ms. O'Donnell didn't learn a damned thing during her failed campaign. She is saying that Morgan harassed her. I'd love to see her pull such a stunt Bill Maher or Lawrence O'Donnell! Too bad Bill's on vacation!

Speaking of Bill . . . here he is on Johnny Carson in 1982 with less than two minutes of funny!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Hives are AWFUL! Hope they go away.

  2. You vlogged today! One of my favorite forms of posting, too.

    AYSM, Rush Limbaugh?!

    Sherrod Brown is one of my favorites, not least because of his good taste in women. I liked him before I ever heard his wife speak, but I found her so impressive, it gave him a bump up in my estimation.

  3. Anonymous9:08 PM

    What's causing your hives (if you know) - stress? I'm so sorry, Kay.

    BTW: Please don't feel that you must leave a comment whenever you visit my blog. I love hearing from you, and it's nice, but I think it is just as courteous for one who 1) is busy or 2) has no thoughts on something or 3) just plain has no interest in the subject to "read and run".

    I do apologize to you for all of the times in the past (and, undoubtedly in the future) when I did not leave a comment on your blog. I've certainly meant no disrespect.
    Cop Car

  4. Colleen: I'm working on it!!!!

    Nance: Me too when I find good ones!
    And yeah, I like Sherrod Brown == he and his wife are great friends of Bernie and his missus. Our other Senator is GOP hack Rob Portman who is on the damned Super Committee -- need I say more?

    CC: Yup, it's prolly stress -- nothing to do but try to relax and make some good decisions. For the moment, I really can't do either but I have to try.

  5. Oh, yes, hives have been in my life a time or two. Stress--and mysterious stuff "they" can never diagnose.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the good guys in Congress. Aren't you bummed by all the media attention to the crazies? Selected this cartoon by Oregonian's Jack Ohman for you.

    Another terrific one today (Sunday) but will not go up for day or two.

  6. I have no doubt that Christine's book will be a real hot seller... among those few Tea Party members who can read, that is.

  7. Gotta get any politically-incited stress hives under control, 'cause with the upcoming election, it's only gonna get worse. As much as I appreciate all you offer on these subjects, but if you're like me, I can really get worked up. Maybe you need to take a break on those topics, or decrease them? Hives may be due to something else, but stress can aggravate everything that's wrong with us, I think. Yes....I'm leading up to something!

    I just heard on our traditional network news with video, today is Akron's Annual Burger Festival Day. I'd never heard of it, but my husband would have loved it. He was a big fan of White Castle, too -- went to school with children of the founder. Then, when we moved to So. Cal. liked In'n Out Burger. I wondered if you went to the Burger Festival, or ever have? Is it really popular there? Some of those burgers looked really good! I mostly eat turkey burgers now.

    As for blog visiting and commenting -- I always appreciate your comments, but please do whatever is best for you. Sometimes just reading is all we can do. Sometimes not even that. Several weeks last year I experienced a middle ear issue preventing me from blogging much due to visual effects on my eyes from the rapid visual flashing changes on the computer screen. Hopefully, we all understand something may be going on in anothers life if we don't hear from them -- at least that's true for me.


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