Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just a Couple Notes

I've been busy trying to get caught up with y'all, appointments, and attending to the insanity that I call life.

* Scary Quote of the Day: "It (Gov. Rick Perry's brand of crazy) could make Michelle Bachmann seem reasonable."
-- Columnist Eugene Robinson on "The Rachel Maddow Show".

* I didn't think there was anyone in politics was crazier than Crazy Shelly and Sarah Palin but it sure looks like Rick Perry is. Smart Republicans don't insult Karl Rove and the Chairman of the Fed.

* We're counting down to Buckeye football in Ohio. However, we're still going through all the crap from last season with the NCAA whose rules would would choke the Emperor Justinian. Yeah, it means some big changes and yeah, the fair weather fans have fled like rats as did some of the players. The fact remains that a true fan doesn't give up and I am a true fan. Here's a "pump up" video that I think is great!!! Gooooooooo Buckeye!!!!

Sorry there isn't more but here's the song of the week from an old college classmate (and fellow drop out) and his friends:

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Michelle Bachmann is a crazy woman that should be put in an asylum according to my American friend in FB.

  2. " the NCAA whose rules would would choke the Emperor Justinian" love that one Kay you history buff you!!

  3. Charles: Your friend is right but I'm inclined to think Sarah and Rick are right up there vying for the title!!! Actually, I love these idiots -- they make me feel sane. LOL

    GFB: Guilty as charged. Just the recruiting rules alone are insane.
    I was shocked when I saw them and thank God that my son studied them and not me. Now that he's a college coach (swimming) that knowledge is invaluable to him.

  4. Sarah... Michelle... and now Rick? Is this the best that the Republican party can bring forth? This is the Rick who doesn't believe in global warming? This is the Rick who steals from the poor to fund the Texas economy and brags about it? And there are people who believe in him? Sigh...

  5. Kay: It really is sad isn't it. I've decided that friends don't let friends vote Republican. The line up of candidates is getting scary.

  6. I hate 'fair weather johnson' fans. To me, you don't need those kind of fans or players. Your school will be just fine. Nowadays the NCAA pick on everyone, it comes with the sports package. I always thought someone would sit on them but nobody has, don't know what it will take for them to make decent rules that the schools & kids can follow. The NCAA need a cup of compassion instead of breaking the backs of kids & schools.

    take care :)


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