Friday, July 08, 2011

Stupid Ohio Politician Tricks!!!!!

A tip of my Thinking Cap to David at Crooks and Liars for this:

I've included text because it's a long video but worth the time if you like seeing politicians handcuffed.

On Friday, the Dearborn County Prosecutor's Office released an embarrassing video of Republican Ohio State Rep. Robert Mecklenborg being stopped by police and failing a DUI test.

After failing the roadside sobriety test, a blood test showed the lawmaker had a .097 blood-alcohol level and had traces of Viagra in his system.

The 59-year-old married father of three also refused to explain why he had a 26-year-old female passenger in the car.

Reports indicated that the woman worked at a strip club in Lawrenceburg, IN -- just across the border from Cincinnati.

Mecklenborg is moving forward with a request that the Ohio Senate return next week to vote on a restrictive voter photo ID bill that he is sponsoring. It's one of the strictest in the country and thinking people are against. (We might have to do another recall petition if those idiots in Columbus pass it, And y'all we are pretty good at it!)

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee noted that if the law is passed, Mecklenborg, who should have had his license confiscated at the time of his arrest, may be a victim of his own legislation.

If I'd been Mecklenberg, I'd have been nicer to the cop who tried very hard to give him a break. I just wonder what would have happened if he hadn't been across the border in Indiana, I suspect that it might gone down differently depending on where he was.

The irony is it was Good Friday -- and he's a family values Catholic! Hypocrisy thy name is GOP. And he'll prolly say he was just giving the poor girl a ride home.
And if y'all believe that, I have oceanfront property in Arizona for ya!

I don't think I have to tell y'all how I feel about this because y'all know.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. OH MY GOODNESS! That is just horrible! So much for family values, hunh? That is just disgusting!

  2. A 26 year old stripper in the car, Viagra and alcohol in his system all adds up to another Republican sex scandal. What's with these
    politicians that they can't keep their zipper zipped? I doubt that his wife will be understanding.

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Well...hypocracy thy name is human, in my view. Republicans are no worse than Democrats who are no worse than Independents or any other political stripe. (The same could be said for various religious stripes.)
    Cop Car

  4. Yuck. And he gets to be in charge of anything and determine how others are going to live?
    Double yuck.

  5. Hot doggie, this was a good one :)
    One thing about our politicans, they keep us entertained. Its about all they are good for these days :)

  6. gabbygeezer5:32 PM

    Ahem, we independents never would engage in such behavior!

  7. And what is it that the righteous have claimed they will bring to political life? I seem to have missed how this works!

  8. Kay: Indeed!!! If a Democrat did that, it would be national headlines!

    Darlene: I'm getting the distinct impression that the GOP are a bunch of drunks who can't keep it zipped!

    CC: You're prolly are right. However, I'm a Catholic (sorts) and this bozo prolly went to Good Friday mass, recieved communion and then went and broke the commandments. How hypocritical is that?

    Hattie: Indeed!!!!

    LTTS: Since he is in the Ohio legislature, I don't find it amusing!

    Dick: Of course not -- and I assume that the lovely Mrs. Geezer would have your head and other body parts on a platter!! LOL

    Naomi: Hellifiknow!

  9. Oh, yeck...another pol who can't keep it zipped and abuses his power? Lord...if this guy were a Democrat it would be blared on FOX 24/7 but lately I guess we just dodged a bullet, the way things are going...I will continue to come back by; thanks for stopping by...

  10. Oh, yeck...another pol who can't keep it zipped and abuses his power? Lord...if this guy were a Democrat it would be blared on FOX 24/7 but lately I guess we just dodged a bullet, the way things are going...I will continue to come back by; thanks for stopping by...

  11. How much do you want for that ocean front property in AZ? Hey, on top of everything else, he could have been taking her home, right?

  12. Kay -- I have a feeling that politicians, with all the power they think they have, have been heavy into sexual escapades for years. Only recently with sexual scandels being such news worthy articles (ahem) are we getting a look at the underbelly of political jollys.

    I guess all commitments to spouses are up for interpretation. -- barbara

  13. Another example of a politician who believes he is above the law. Looks like he fell on his own crank so to speak. Hmmmm could be the Viagra!

  14. Something doesn't add up here: Why would a stripper stoop to being seen in the company of a politician? The poor woman must have been drunk.

  15. Wye: You are sooooo right!

    Crosby: LOL Such a deal I'll give ya! The tide's only be our for a few thousand years -- but it's due back any day

    Barbara: I agree. Certain people in the media -- like a certain media mogul now in in the news -- figured out that sex sells with nary an iota of regard for personal privacy.

    Maria: Well and aptly said!! :)

    Paul: LOL Not being careful about one's companions has it consequences.


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