Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Morning Crabbiness

It's Sunday morning and my brain is all but empty and I'm in crabby mode.

* Last evening I had an unpleasant episode with some of the brats in my neighborhood. I've been upset with their using my lawn as a litter bin and that my solar lights have been damaged. The good news is that my heinous next door neighbor moved out yesterday so perhaps that will help. However, I had the 'audacity' to tell one of the remaining brats to get his bike off my lawn and it began a series of harassment as they took issue with my audacity in asking them to behave. I called the cops and they're going to do periodic checks on our block. I doubt it will help. When I was a kid, getting yelled at by an adult was scary stuff. Not these days -- no one's little darling ever does anything wrong. Michelle was upset when I told her about it and her prime concern was that I might move. I told her that as long as she was here, I was here because I love Brice, Gracie and Ana so much and she and John have become such great friends. I've seen idiots come and go in the the six years I've been here and I am damned if I'm moving which really isn't an option anyway given the hits my on my never-large bank account lately. I don't want to fight but I will and they won't like it. Michelle said she would tell Brice to do what he could to help get the kids of my back. Brice is a large boy who isn't afraid to kick butt if other options fail. I had all but let go of doing anything about the damage to Miss Ruby but I've decided that I'm going to see what I can do. If word gets out that I might hit the parents smack in the wallet, it might force them to rethink their parenting but I doubt it. And please, no advice to move to a senior citizen's building please -- I got a view of what alleged grownups do in those places while I was in Toledo and decided that isn't my cuppa -- it struck me that some people never get past junior high school games that I thought pretty dumb when I was in junior high. I'm staying put.

* Rachel Maddow pointed out that while the GOP expresses horror at Anthony Weiner's adventures in cyber sex, they don't get excited about their members' sallies in prostitution (David Vitter) and sordid affairs punctuated with bribery and huge lies (John Ensign) are ignored or covered up with nary a raised eyebrow. AND my question is why aren't they raising hell over it? There are rumors that House Speaker John Boehner is the next Republican sex scandal. ('No comment' in my mind equals, "hell yeah!" 'cause if you aren't, you say an unequivocal and resounding "No!". Click on the link to watch Rachel's commentary if you missed the show. I thought she was excellent.

* I love Bill Maher's "New Rules" segment and the latest is one of his best. Do remember that it isn't for those who get the willies from profanity.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Kay,
    I actually woke up crabby today as well but know mine is because it is Father's Day and I have always hated this day! Anyway, I'm letting the world go on, but I'm not playing today!
    I do hope your crabbiness decreases and sorry you are having trouble with your neighbors; that is hell!
    take good care!

  2. After listening to Rachel's last show, I dared to Tweet that Weiner would be showing up as an MSNBC contributor by July 4th. I think I missed on the date, but it will be before November. And why not? He's got everything it takes to do well at it and I can think of no better job for him. I'd listen, wouldn't you?

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Maher does it again. Thanks for sharing it. I hope your good nature returns soon. It takes a lot of energy to be in a fight.

  4. I'm so sorry, Kay, about the kids.

    I sure do love Bill Maher.

  5. Take a deep Breath Kay.

    10-4 Willy

  6. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I hope that our hand-holding across the miles reduces the anguish you are feeling.
    Cop Car

  7. I feel so much better after laughing through the Bill Mahler video. I love it and thank you for posting it.

  8. Yes, I watched Rachel Maddow as always do but cannot quite go along with her rant. Despicable as the Repubs she does not like, I want to know why their party of the righteous does not seriously question them on that issue--whether they're run out of Congress or not.

    Like others of us on the left, Rachel expresses our desperation on having so few to depend on, then one of the "shining lights" goes dim. Personally, I think Weiner's behavior is disgusting in a larger way than Vitter.

    The latter is doing what so many men are excused for in everyday life. His wife should have cut him loose--and let us know if he's been checked for HIV. Her too!

    But Weiner has symptoms of serious instability. Don't want to depend on his volatility for future of my issues.

  9. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Some kids these days lack respect and proper discipline. I guess their parents didn't raise them right.

  10. Luv tha post!! Chins'll be Monday soon

  11. Can you imagine being a teacher with today's kids? AND they want to cut teacher's salaries! Good luck with that; I'd fling them all in Detention then retreat to the teacher's lounge and take up smoking.

    Thanks again for another GREAT Bill Mahar.

  12. Hmmm, I'm saving "crabby" for tomorrow; did a good job on "bitchy" for today though

  13. Hope the day is perkin' up for you. Yeah, had my problem with new neighbor's son's who unintentionally created problems for my husband. When boys ignored his request, husband finally had to speak to neighbors. I think not staying in their own yard, as I raised my kids to do, resulted in their being the ones to again, accidentally, cause $500 damage (out of pocket to me) to my car a few years ago. Couldn't prove it, but little doubt, and if their two Dads ever found out they were responsible, they never made good to me. Other kid issues, plus think it's only one Dad there now, and boy's seem to be staying away as I've had to be cold. Other than that all had been good neighbors, so I was sorry when it turned out this way.

    Maybe an external motion camera capable of recording could be helpful in the future, if needed. Then a visit to small claims court -- even Judge Judy, or the woman Hispanic judge -- they're the best. They seem to have a lot of those cases when I've happened to tune in -- that, and the incredible number of people and problems that emerge with many couples living together -- works for some.

  14. Tracy: I didn't even remember it. I visited my dad's grave while I was in Toledo. My neighbors will get their comeuppance -- soon, I hope.

    Nance: Ya think? I'd like him to stay in politics where he can make a difference.

    AITBR: You're very welcome!

    Snow: I'll get through it. And people wonder why I won't teach below the college level. And yeah, Bill doesn't hide how he really feels.

    Willie: OK

  15. CC: It surely does!!!!!! Love ya!

    Darlene: You're welcome! I'd love to hear how he *really* feels some time! LOL

    Naomi: I disagree with you on Weiner. Prostitution is wayyyyyyy more heinous than cyber sex AND the latter is legal albeit tasteless (no pun intended). Anthony has his problems bit he always was on our side was fearless in calling the GOP out!

    Chaz: I agree. I was a stickler on my kids' behavior and it's continuing with the grands.

    M.E.: Monday will just bring fresh hell.

    Robert: No! When I finished my BA ib '87, I student taught at a local high school -- I quit because I learned that Johnny can't read 'cause he doesn't sit down and shut up and listen. There isn't enough money to get me in a high school class.

    Lorna: Good Girl! I added a bit of bitchy this afternoon for spice -- some people just ask for it.

  16. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I'm sorry you're going through this frustration Kay. Kids today just arent't afraid of getting yelled at or getting in trouble....they even yell back at adults. I cringe when I hear some of the things that come out of their mouths. Somehow they just don't care about people's feelings or property. Shame on those parents. I hope things get better...

    Love Bill Maher...and I hope you have a better day tomorrow. ~Joy

  17. Sorry, those kids are being a-holes and no, kids don't respond or respect their elders these days. We had problems like that also. Be careful, these kids will have no problem lying about you.

    Glad you shared about the senior living, cause I was thinking hubby and I should live in one of those but not now. Don't need that enviroment :)

    Just Love that Bill Maher :)

    take care

  18. The boys I knew growing up were terrible, did way way worse things than what you describe. Everything short of murdering people, although pets and other animals were not so lucky. All the boys had BB guns. Noboby I knew took any serious interest in reining in the behavior of the boys, on the basis that boys had to be boys lest they become girls. I spent a good deal of my girlhood indoors reading just to avoid the mean boys.
    But like you I would never retreat into retirement heaven. I enjoy the company of my fellow oldsters but the standard amusements of the elderly do not interest me. There are people in our neighborhood ranging in age from infancy up to the 90's.
    I think it's fun to have a baby girl next door and kids in the neighborhood who, like their parents, are friendly and polite.
    We did have one of those awful families here for a while, but our primary complaint with them was that they did not keep their kids from doing dangerous things. One of them fell off a roof and landed on his head and had to be medivaced to Honolulu for care. They are living in Germany now, I think, and I hope they never come back.

  19. Sorry things have gotten so unpleasant in your neighborhood, Kay. I know you don't want to move, but if the kids continue to disrespect you and escalate things, the police will probably become slower and slower to react. I sure hope that everything calms down.


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