Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yet Another Day in Paradise Ramblings

It's another 'fun' week in Kay's World. Miss Ruby decided on Sunday that she would not move another day so that left me with a problem. The ex called and I mentioned that she wasn't well and he offered to take me to my appointments on Monday. Amazing.

* Christmas was Christmas. Bryce and Gracie came over and brought me flowers and a bottle of wine from John and Michelle -- perfect because I love both and really don't need anymore stuff.
They liked their gifts and that's good. My nutty neighbor stopped over for Kay's Killer Eggnog and brought me a sweater. I was sorta upset about that because we aren't that close. My son surprised me by calling but I didn't get to talk to Drake and Connor but he said they were delighted with their gifts. Oh well, I usually call him so that was some progress. One takes one's blessings where one finds them.

* Monday was doctor day and the ex picked me up and took me up there. I had my counseling appointment and I've just about decided that I'm not going to continue it. I love my counselor but I am not getting any answers. Next I saw Dr. Maria and my blood work came back with a new wrinkle: high sugar. I just shrugged and told her that I'd fix it -- a couple diet changes and I'll be back to normal. She looked at my foot and said I had obviously taken care of it very well because it looks great and getting better and continue with the meds and elevation. She reminded me that it's mammogram time and I'll be doing that in a couple weeks. The ex took me to get a scrip refilled and decided that we should go for a late lunch at the excellent Greek restaurant near my place. It's an excellent yum. They always give you too much food so I'm still eating it. It was an interesting time. The ex and I talked a lot. I'm glad, given our nasty divorce, that we can act like grownups.

* I've decided that my shopping list next Christmas is probably going to be shorrtened. People who don't call and say "thank you" don't get gifts. They have two weeks to do so.

* My doctor's nurse called yesterday and it seems that my counselor asked Dr. Maria to prescribe an anti-depressant. If you have read here long enough, y'all know that I don't do anti-depressants because I get weird side effects from most of them. Frankly, any depression that I might have cannot be cured with pills. She came up with one I'm not familiar with so I said I'd try it. What do y'all know about Lexapro? It will probably wind up with all the other such meds that don't work.

* Miss Ruby is at the car doctor and I'm not sure when she's coming home. The only thing I'm sure of is that I'm going to be replenishing my stash 'cause it's not gonna be cheap and that I'm stuck here for the next couple days. Sigh. It's okay. I have plenty to do here.

* There were a couple comments re: handicaps and ramifications thereof and I do appreciate them. Kvetching is part of how I cope. I know how to survive anything that comes my way in that department as I've been handicapped for over 30 years. Y'all can read about it here. It's best if you read it from the oldest the newest and you'll understand me a bit better. I simply get hyper when what I've worked so hard for gets threatened. I forget that not all y'all have been with me from the beginning. And yeah, I need to bring it up to date.

* I did a little blog housekeeping and I am mostly happy with it. Whaddaya think?

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!



  1. Anonymous4:18 PM

    This post is so sad, Kay. I am glad your ex was kind enough to take you to the doctor and then to lunch. That was super nice of him to do that.

    But, where are your children and grandchildren? The holidays should be spent with family. I think if you can accomplish that, you will never need another anti-depressant.

  2. I don't know Lexapro, but some antidepressants have, um, interesting side-effects. One had me up in the middle of the night, gazing into the back yard, seeing various little critters... and not the ones that actually live out there. Another gave me auditory hallucinations rather like a Russian choir. Curiously, the old standard St. John's Wort worked for me and didn't cause mental problems, but I did have the frequently reported side-effect on my vision. Eventually I landed on mirtazapine; it is effective and had no catastrophic side effects, but it did make me hungry all the time. It may be the reason I took up baking!

  3. Good luck with Miss Ruby.
    Hope the foot continues to heal.
    Diet changes will help w/ the sugar levels.
    I know nothing about Lexapro, yet...
    Killer eggnog?
    Feel better!

  4. gigi: The ex and I get along okay now.
    I've mentioned here often that my children live far far away and travel is difficult. I'm not going to explain it again.

    Steve: I know that anti-depressants are weird which is why I keep refusing them. I wish the docs would just give it up. I'll try the Lexapro and will probably throw it away as I've been doing for 30 years. And yeah, I think we've both tried the same meds. I had one that took me to a galaxy far, far away. What makes me upset is that considering what I've dealt with the last 30+ years, if I didn't get depressed at times, they'd want to lock me up!

    Colleen: Miss Ruby will be fine. I'm just worried that my bank account won't. And yeah, I make a really excellent egg nog spiked with sherry. I'll be fine.

  5. Anonymous7:57 PM

    My niece, Leah, flew from Virginia to Hawaii to spend Xmas with the family. And my sister flies to Hawaii from Virginia every summer.

    If there's a will, there's a way. Are there motels where you live?

    I lived abroad for 7 years before moving back to Hawaii when I got too sick to care for myself. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Best wishes to you, Kay!!!

  6. Beautiful post! I too- get weird side effects...and I think a little long as it doesn't interfere with your Life is perfectly NORMAL!

    I will counsel you for free! Oh yes--It will be different!

    I'm back to following you regularly and I don't know why I stopped. Blogger dropped a lot of links..yeah, yeah, that's the ticket: LOL!

    Blessing and Hugs!


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  8. John: Good to see you!!! I have trouble keeping up with everyone, too -- not too mention my obligations here at home lately.

  9. Kay, I'm glad about the progress with your foot---personally, I have had different and better experiences with anti-depressants, for which I am very grateful. I'll keep my fingers crossed for two weeks.

  10. I think we can only make our own choices, not those for our children or others. It's important to let be what is-- especially during the holidays when there is so much pressure for some kind of idyllic holiday experience. I don't know why our children or friends or others don't do this or that but I assume it's because they are doing what works for them and to wish we had what others have is a losing game. It seems to me you are making the best of things and who knows-- next year might bring something different and hopefully better. It's what I always hope for with the new year-- that this'll be the year.

  11. Sorry about Miss Ruby, but that was nice that your ex took you to your appointments and even out to lunch.

    Depression and anxiety are extremely prevalent in our family and I am one of the fortunate ones who tolerates some anti-depressants well. I personally don't know much about Lexapro, but I do know that the first few days of use can be uncomfortable. Hang in there. Perhaps it will make all the difference. Sounds like your physical symptoms are getting much better.

  12. Hi, Kay. Glad the ex helped out. I just read up a bit on lexapro since neither of us here (and Mom was a nurse) know anything about it. From what I read it is another drug I would avoid like the plague. The side effects sound worse than the condition. I had a bout of depression once a long time ago. Got out of it on my own without meds. The cause was utter exhaustion from a long period of stress in my life and once I eliminated a big part of the stress (a very unsatisfactory job) and rested up The depression disappeared. It took about four months. I noticed that you said you thought you wouldn't continue with that counselor because you felt you weren't getting what you needed. Why take a medication suggested by a counselor you don't want to continue with? Also, Mom just mentioned that high blood sugar can play hell with moods and brain chemistry. Perhaps getting that back under control will ease the anxiety and depression. Before taking any psychotropic drug make very sure of the diagnosis. In fact do that before any course of treatment. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with lupus several years ago and since then her condition has deteriorated as she was treated with the powerful drugs designed for lupus. And then had to be treated for rheumatoid and joint problems, heart problems, serious weight gain, and lung disease--all side effects of the lupus drugs. As it turns out--she doesn't have lupus. Sorry, I have gone on so long. I hope everything gets better.

  13. I read "How I Got to Be Me" and, wow! what a story, what a life! Full of pain and courage.

    Of all the experiences you mentioned, the one that most caught me by surprise (well, maybe after getting a stroke at age 30), was the back surgery, which you took so much in stride, like it was no more than a trip to the grocery store -- and that's b/c I've had back probs. myself but have been totally scared of any kind of surgery. I'm glad to know yours worked out, but I'm still managing mine with exercises, PT and Advil.

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your life; makes me glad I started blogging and am getting to know people like you.

  14. Lorna: Thanks!! I think a lot of things are out of kilter from my illnesses so things get weird. I will serve.

    Rain: Thank you!!!! I appreciate your wisdom.

    Fran: I don't think I'm really depressed. And don't think I need them.

    Mary: Your input expresses many of my feelings on all of this!!
    I am considering what you said very seriously.

  15. Sighting: Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed HIGTBM. I haven't written on it in far too long. I would love to tell you more about my back surgery and if you'll just click on my name in the sidebar under Email Me! and drop me a note, I'll write back with as much info as I can that might help. It's really miraculous surgery -- almost a no-brainer!

  16. blog looks GOOD! dog's moving out. shit. maybe i will too. but where? no place with snow, that's for sure, or republicans ESPECIALLY.

    i gave up on antidepressants long ago. only one that works for me is made from grapes (or, occasionally< grain)....

    happy new year! i spose you are going out. for someone as in body & spirit, you sure as hell get out a lot and have a lot of fun. do it tmw!!

  17. Might be a good idea to check on your Vit D level which can cause depression. 2000 mgms/day serve me well here in cold & cloudy OH. I'd avoid anti-depressants if at all possible. Glad to hear the foot is better. :)Dee

  18. I like it. Perhaps a lighter creme? I understand handicapt.....I understand kids like that. Ah, blessings on the X. Mine is in AZ with wife 3. And my truck is dying again and I soooooooooo want to trade him in on something. Ah well. Happy New year to you dear you.

  19. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I hope you're doing well now. Just dropping by to greet you a happy new year. I hope the new year will bring your more blessings and good health!

    I'm still on a blog break so I'm so sorry if I haven't been around lately. I'm just engrossed with my book writing.

  20. I thought the post was pretty upbeat actually. Maybe I've been with you longer than some, but I'm always impressed with your resilience and sticktoitiveness. Don't know about the med, but I'm really like you when it comes to taking meds--I have to believe they make a difference because we all know doctors don't have all the answers, now do they. We have to learn to trust ourselves and our own instincts somewhere down the line. May 2011 be a good year for you, Kay.


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