Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update Etc.

Just some quick notes and a couple videos I think y'all will enjoy.

* I hope that I'm going to be feeling better soon. I called Dr. Maria and talked to her nurse and she called back to tell me that a scrip for an antibiotic would be waiting for me at my pharmacy. Hallelujah!!!

* I'm still fighting bureaucracy -- the agency in question is nutty. I'm ready to go viral on this. I -- unlike a lot of others -- always make sure that I have my paperwork in order and I did. THEY obviously made a mistake when sending my info to AEP and I'll be damned if I stand in the cold for hours to wait for them -- especially since I'm not well.

* This is fabulous and definitely worth your time. Rachel plays 'Pin the Tail on the Debt' and you'll be surprised at the results. So much for 'fiscal responsibility'

* Does anyone but me think Dancing with the Stars has lost any credibility it ever had due to the Palinbots' downright cheating? And somehow I don't think being an unwed mother makes you a star no matter who your mama is. And yeah, I think she's preggers again -- her face is fuller and there's a definite bump. Most contestants lose weight doing that show. So much for abstinence. And I don't watch the show -- I watch the news clips.

* Here's the latest song rattling around my brain this week. I always liked The 5th Dimension -- they had a great energy and always looked like they were having a lot of fun. Back in the day my friends and I thought this song terrific. It brings back memories of when life was less complicated. It can still get me out of my chair to boogie a little! LOL Enjoy!!!!


Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I am glad you got the antibiotic and hope that it turns out to be the right one and deals with the illness as it has gone on too long it seems.

    As for the rest, yeah, what a time we live in is all I can say on that too.

  2. The original version of Dancing With the Stars is Strictly Come Dancing. Over here there is an elederly former Tory MP called Ann Widdecombe who has lass grace than a three legged carthorse. She is being kept on but probably more for devilment than anything politcal (she is making a joke of her abilities)

    Never seen the American version of the show but I find the British version strangely addictive

  3. I hear ya! There are so many people not feeling too well, and we aren't even into cold/flu season!! And The Fifth Dimension was a favorite of mine! Remember Age of Aquarius?? I saw the musical 'Hair' on Broadway when I was in college, and it was so controversial!! Hang in there, Kay.
    My standard answer/thought to 'How are ya?' is...'Been better...been worse! So, today is okay!'

  4. I hope you feel better soon!!

    this is the first season that I didn't watch DWTS
    it was getting too cheesy for me to begin with but this Palin BS is more than I can stand

  5. What bothers me is that the Democratic party has FAILED through not showing these statistics (the pin-the-tail charts) as part of their campaign advertising. Had there been advertisements on the news segments, or show them every time a Democratic congress person was interviewed, it might have chipped away at the complete misconceptions held by the simpletons out there who vote.

  6. and me and about a gazillion others Kay. It's very obvious what's going on to all of us. Sarah's definitely put her mark on this one. There's so much controversy about it that they have said they will definitely make some changes in the voting process for next season. I've watched this show from the beginning, and there have been some disappointments before; but this by far takes the cake and has infuriated so many fans. We actually feel duped. If Palin should by some fluke win this competition, I for one will not watch the show anymore....and I have heard and read that many others will be doing the same thing. This has really been an insult to the fans and the other contestants that dance circles around Miss talent and personality. Enough is enough.

    Oh yeah...I just LOVE the 5th Dimension!

  7. What Joy said. I love that show (as well as So You Think You Can Dance, which I wish would come back on), but I will not watch again if they don't make some changes.

  8. Rain: Thanks!!!!! I don't know this country anymore.

    Jams: sounds better than ours.

    Mare: I hear ya!!! And I saw "Hair" too -- back in the day.

    Dianne: Thanks!!! I decided I wouldn't watch it ever again when I found out Bristol Palin would be on it.

    Robert: You are soooooooo right. I wish they realized thathe GOP doesn't play fair and level the playing field by fighting fire with fire.

    Joy: I knew you would enjoy The
    5th Dimension and I've only seen a couple clips because I just knew that it would be debacle.

    Judy: I always liked So You Think You Can Dance Better. As to DWTS, it has lost any credibility for me.

  9. WOW, Kay....that is a brilliant clip from Rachel Maddow. I admire you ability to think straight even when you're under the weather. Be well!!!!

  10. M.E.: Nobody takes care of me but me so I don't have the luxury of vegging. Besides, if I pay attention to the world, I don't sit here and veg out.

  11. Hope your script works for you.
    I hadn't thought about Bristol Palin being pregnant again, though I read some rumors...but you're right that she sure looks heavier and you'd think all that dancing would work off the calories. I'll be in touch soon.

  12. I'm with you on the Palin thing. I don't watch the show either and now I have no inclination to watch it. It's all so silly! And the mother is running for President? Arrrghhh.... OK... nevermind. I need to find my happy place. I hope we both feel better soon. Being sick is bummers.

  13. What a spirited shout-out from 5th Dimension. So square am I that they are all new to me--better to listen to than these peculiar political folk. Yes, the Dems are not doing it. One keeps hoping--and also for you to get better with the new med.

  14. I sure hope you are feeling better soon, Kay.

  15. Hope by now you are feeling much better....
    I totally agree about DWTS...She is awful, and I can see she has improved.LOL I will be more than disgusted if she wins.....

  16. I do watch the show, but I am very disenchanted given the turn of events. Brandy was so clearly right up there with Jennifer. But, I'll admit that i never vote. The whole voting thing is obviously flawed.

  17. I am stocking up on Pepto Bismal in the panic-attack-inducing chance that Palin gets on the R ticket and wins the next prez race.

    And I have arrived at the *gasp* shocking discovery that the American voting public is a seething mass of fickle I-want-it-now adolescents who just like to be onery.

  18. I agree with you on DANCING WITH THE STARS. I don't watch it either but so many shows talk about it and show clips from it---I am surprised the BP has lasted this long. She looked like she had a broom up her you-know-what, in one of the clips I saw.....They need to address the rules about people calling in to vote....But, they probably won't.

    Sorry to read you have been sock and still are---I hope the Antibiotic works!

    I find all the Political stuff so depressing. I like Rachel Maddow a lot, but I have stopped watching all of the News Shows---I find it is so incredibly depressing and I'm already down there with my own personal stuff---So, I just cannot watch any of it, though some things you cannot avoid.

    These are scary and very creepy times we live in. Sad and Frightening, too.


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