Friday, November 12, 2010

Assorted Saturday Thoughts

I've been ohhhhhhh sooooooo remiss in posting and visiting and hope y'all will forgive me. I still feel and look (according to my neighbor) "wrung out and put away wet" as a southern pal is wont to say, and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I think I need to call Dr. Maria on Monday morning.

* I've been home mostly and only leave the house if staples are needed. I just don't have the energy or inclination to do much. I did keep my appointment with my counselor and I'm asking myself why.

* I am still slowly but surely cleaning out my closets and I found two dresses (both black) that I've never worn. Sunday is symphony night so I'll probably drag myself there in the one that has long sleeves. They're having Andre Watts as guest artist --a wonderful pianist -- and he's playing Rachmaninoff (one of my faves) and with what it costs for my season tickets, I won't miss it. And yeah, I think I'm over the legal limit for black dresses again. Jeff always said that I never met a black dress I didn't like which is so not true! And yes, I actually have dresses in other colors but for some reason, I like the black ones best. Weird, huh?

* I watched just Rachel Maddow do an excellent interview with Jon Stewart. Y'all can see it here. It's not a big laugh but it gives a nice perspective on the man behind the laughter.

* I got this newsletter from Media Matters and it leaves me with a lot of questions about some of the things I see/hear in the media. Now I wasn't a journalism major but I did take a course or two and seem to recall that there were supposed to both ethics and integrity in journalism. I haven't seen a lot of that at a certain news organization. It may not be much better at other media outlets but at least there appears to be an effort made. Here's an excellent example:

* We had our first snow last week -- not a lot but enough that it took a while to melt. Sigh. I hate winter. 'Tis the season to hibernate.

* I love the people who call and tell me that I qualify for lower rates on my credit cards. I find it interesting and that they have no real idea who I am. If they did, they would know that I haven't any credit cards. AND furthermore, they are very vague on their company's name and hang up when I start asking them to give me that info or to speak to their supervisor. Frankly, I'd like to see these people out of business.

Here's the song of the week!! It has a remained a favorite since my misspent youth and looking back -- not a whole lot has changed except that Otis is no longer with us. I'll be by to visit y'all later!

Hope y'all are having a great day!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. You don't LOOK like an "elderblogger."

    I enjoyed the report about Fox news.

    Keep us posted about how you're feeling.

  2. I don't much care for going out at night anymore - but I'd drag myself out for Rachmaninoff!! I know you will enjoy it.

  3. gigi-hawaii1:48 PM

    Hope you get well soon, Kay. It's no fun being sick. It took me 7 days to get over my recent cold.

    Yay for Andre Watts. I first heard him play in Thailand, where I lived for 10 months in 1969. He was incredible! I know you'll enjoy the concert, and who knows, feel better, health-wise!

  4. Snow: Thanks! I'm 63 and definitely an Eldeblogger. Glad you liked the Fox stuff -- I try to keep y'all up-to-date on what the bozos are doing.

    Kenju: Another reason that we're sisters!!!!

    Gigi: It's been a month now. Dang!!!! I didn't realize Watts had been around that long -- he must have been a kid when you saw him!!!! I've seen him here before and know he's awesome. I've had this problem for a month.

  5. There seems to be so many people feeling ill, and we haven't even begun the 'winter stuff'. I hope you feel better soon. Are you eating an orange a day?
    I listened to the whole Jon Steward clip. Why does Fox News get away with sensationalizing untruths? It's not right.

  6. Mare: Thanks!!!!! Glad you like the Jon Stewart video. And per my endocrineologist, I take 2000 mg of vitamin C a day.

  7. A little melancholy sneaking in with that snow? Has for me, definitely! Why does it seem like winter for so much of the year? And summer months (and the corresponding summer bounty) so few and far between!?

  8. I'm but a child of 61. I barely even remember the Truman presidency; you probably remember Gandhi-ha.

  9. Can we blame the culture (though blaming the patriarchy is more my style) that both you and Xtreme English own up to feeling low? One, very courageous to go public with that; two, many of us have been brought down by the rampant nastiness or our politicians. And disappointment in one we worked so hard to elect who seems off track.

    Black dresses are always at home in New York City--if you're interested.

  10. What??!! You say Fox News was not reporting the truth??!! I'm shocked, what a surprise!!

  11. Alice: We have two seasons in Ohio: Winter and road work.

    Snow: I'm 63 -- I read a lot of history because I believe that if we don't learn from it we are doomed to repeat it. And I look at the mess we're in and know that it's true.

    Naomi: I'm not really feeling low -- I'm sick and it's just not going away. I'm going to counseling because there are some things/people in my life that I need to come to terms with and hopefully figure out what my direction should be for whatever time I have left on this planet. And I like my black dresses. Audrey Hepburn is my fashion role model.

    Robert: LOL I can see your tongue firm planted in your cheek!!

  12. I'm sorry you're still not feeling well Kay...I just hate when it drags on forever. Maybe going out to the concert will give you a boost.

    Love the Jon Stewart video...take care sweetie. ~Joy

  13. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I like the new look of your blog, Kay. Sorry to hear you have continued to feel so crappy--and that the snow has already come. You'll feel better going out in your little black dress tomorrow night.

  14. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Sorry that you've been dragging. Around here, I always heard, "Rode hard and put away wet" as in, an uncared-for horse.
    As to black dresses: I love them; but, I don't think that, excepting for our granddaughter's wedding, I've worn a skirt since I retired in 2004. Years ago, I didn't find pants of any kind comfortable. Now that tall pants are more available (I'm not tall, but I am long in the rise), I live in pants. The lone black dress in my closet is several years old and never been worn. Tried on, yes, but never worn.
    Hope your health improves enough to make you your usual sparky self, soon!
    Cop Car
    P.S. You youngster, you!

  15. I'm 22 years older than you, Kay, but when I was a young woman we all had at least one basic black dress. Like pearl necklaces with twin sweater sets, it just had to be in your wardrobe if you were to be well dressed. I would still wear black, but my old skin looks sallow in it so the only black in my wardrobe is a pair of slacks.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. Goodness, none of those guys have called me. Oh, I so want a little black dress. Yup, off to the symphony you go and I wish I could go with you. Just spend as much time tucked in with a book as you can. That helps the soul if not the body. :)

  17. Thinking of you and sending good thoughts. Am writing, wish you were writing with me, next year you should, don't you think? I think I had a better time of it when I didn't have an idea ahead of time and just let my imagination go for the month.

    I hope you feel better, it is suuuucccchhh a hard time of year to not feel well. I have to keep going through the house and turning on the lights to brighten things up or I find myself getting depressed. Good GRIEF!

    Hope the Symphony was MARVELOUS DARLING!


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