Thursday, September 02, 2010

Updates, Assorted Nonsense, and Mea Culpa


* My son was in town and surprised me with a visit and new pictures of my grandsons. We didn't get much time together but I'm grateful whenever he chooses to give me a bit of time. I was delighted to see him looking fit again. His sister was also in town and didn't call so my heart broke yet again. If I knew or understood why this is so, I could do something about it. Then again, I think I know the source of the problem and I can't do much about that. Happy endings are just in storybooks in Kay's world.

* I saw the orthopedist yesterday. I like him. He is young, handsome but not excessively so, smart, and definitely no bullsh*t. (If he was thirty years older, I'd date him. lol) He did some x-rays on my shoulder to bolster the MRI and told me no surgery unless the tear gets worse. However, he decided that a cortisone shot now and again would help my condition. It works for me so far. Surgery is not something I do unless my survival is threatened.

* Jeff is incommunicado. Guess what? I don't care. I'm done with spoiled children and liars. His dad is upset and I feel bad about that but enough is enough.

* I'm wishing for a new apartment soon. My new next door neighbor was hollering at top volume about me not liking her kids' noise or playing in my yard. When I can't hear my television (and yes, my hearing is good) and no, I'm not going to turn it up because I refuse to bother my upstairs neighbor who also thinks the kids are too noisy and don't belong in our yard. The sad part is everything is fine except for her. Good thing she didn't come to my door. I refuse to argue with her. Hopefully, I'll get the apartment I want soon.


* Roger Ebert's excellent blog calls it straight on Glen and Sarah's latest shenanigans here.

* Doesn't your heart just bleed for this guy? Excuse me while I marvel at his stupidity. Please feel free to join me. Let me have his income for just one year.

* My buddy Russ sent a long some interesting links. As Jack Cafferty says, "It's getting ugly out there, folks." Or is that uglier?

* Check out my good friend, blogging buddy, and chemo survivor with gusto Alice and check out her latest photo with her latest antics. The woman is an inspiration par excellence!!!!!


Do you think that maybe -- just maybe -- if people stopped being so damned angry we could actually accomplish something good? Then again . . .

This week's song:

It came out in '76 and I used to play it and dance with Kate when she was fussy. Now it's one of my housework tunes 'cause it gets me out of my chair for dusting and vacuuming. What I really need is a floor scrubbing song and a organizing song! Suggestions????

Mea Culpa:

* As y'all can tell, life has been taking it's toll on my time and has affected my blogging. Also, I owe a couple of y'all emails and will try to get caught up soon.

* I might go a-wandering this weekend so that will interrupt this blog but will provide interesting stuff for here. I really need to get back to working ahead.

* Darlene: Geneva-on-the-Lake has to wait until next summer. Labor Day weekend is a zoo!!!! But I am going back to re-visit the scene of my youthful peccadilloes next summer. I mentioned my failed trip to ex-hubby when he stopped by the other day and he laughed and saud, "As long as when you sit down at the bar the bartender doesn't pour your favorite beverage of that time without asking." I blushed remembering the time early in our marriage when we went into a bar in Kent and the bartender/owner did just that. LOL

Hope y'all are having a great day and have a great Labor Day weekend!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. A nice chatty update, Kay. It's nice to know you saw your son and I'm sorry about your daughter. It's her loss, I'm sure.

  2. Judy: Thanks!!!! As to my daughter it's a never-ending heartbreak and there's nothing I can do about it. I could get bitter about it but I just can't let that happen which heartens me because it means I'm not like my mother. I'd rather take the high road and forgive. Silly me.

  3. Hills and and downs. I have a magnet on my refrigerator that captures the moment for times like these. It says, 'Whatever!"
    Hope something nice happens to you soon. I have to remind myself sometimes that the only person who I have any control over or can me.
    So to the ones who have issues that you cannot resolve... I say 'Surrender Dorothy" as in give up trying so hard on something that isn't within your power. Did that make any sense, Kay?

  4. Mare: Indeed!!!! It does make sense and if you read my note to Judy, that's exactly what I'm doing. I refuse to lower myself to others' shoddy standards. (Although my nasty neighbor better watch her back because I found out that she's had her 5 kids taken away from her before and I'll tell.)

  5. I really related to this post. You are so honest about yourself and that is rare quality. I have just learned to accept what I can get from my family, I guess. I would like more closeness, but at the same time I don't like to interfere with their lives. They are doing well, so that's good.
    And wasn't ABBA darling? I play their numbers sometimes and they always sound fresh and new.

  6. Hattie: Thanks -- I think. I discovered years ago that I'm a lousy liar and when you've been through all the crap I have, why bother? I have long maintained that I don't know how to be anybody but me and at this late date, I'm not gonna bother to change for anyone. And yeah, ABBA is fun! Did you see Mama Mia? It features their music!

  7. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Glad you saw your son and he gave you new photos of your grandkids. That must have been a ray of sunshine!

  8. Thanks for the update Kay. I'm really glad you got a chance to see your son...even for a short time. Your attitude about your daughter is admirable, even though I know it hurts. I hope she comes around to making amends... for both of you. Life is too short.

  9. The more I follow present day American politics the more it reminds me of the 1780s in France. Defeat in costly wars ,a ruling class that pays little or no taxes,high unemployment,a corrupt and broken financial system,more and more tyrannical laws.

  10. Gigi: Thanks!!! I was delighted -- they are such handsome boys and growing wayyyy too fast.

    Joy: I take life as it comes and just do my best. To do otherwise would only hurt me and I have committed myself to not be my own worst enemy. It doesn't always work but I do try. At this point, it's on Kate. I'm done trying and crying. My door and my heart are open when/if she's ready.

    GFB: You have made a compelling and brilliant observation here!!!! Thank you!!! I think you are very, very right.

  11. Man I sure miss Gilda Radner. Damn she was funny!!

  12. Fun post, Kay. Thanks for the Abba song- funny, I had Orlando stuck in my head all day but I am not sure you can scrub your floor to it. :)

  13. Boy have you been busy.

    Yup, I love Alice. I'd go there in a minute if I could. Yup, like Abba too.

    Yes, madicare stuff does nothing but confuse me. I think I'm going to try barebones medicare next year with F to cover the gaps if I can figure it out. Geee.

  14. Hope you're able to get that different apt. soon. Inconsiderate neighbors and those with kids that aren't made to respect boundaries can be a real annoyance. My husband when he was living ended up with his then tissue thing skin repeatedly bumped causing huge purple tears and bleeding due to neighbor boys enthusiasm on their bikes trying to be friendly -- husband finally had to talk with parents (one of the males a nurse.) A few years later when my car damaged ($500 worth) parents not convinced sons caused it but think there's little doubt they did as others think, too. I've finally had to be really cool to the kids to discourage their presence -- not my usual warm self.

    Do your adult kids read your blog? Guess they're comfortable with being written about, but have wondered. *smile*

  15. I'll wait for the photos of Geneva On the Lake, Kay.

    Mother-daughter relationships can get prickly sometimes. I would guess that every mother of a girl can testify to that. I know I can. We went through an episode when I did a lot of crying, but we are close once again. Hang in there.

  16. A lot going on in your world, my dear...Some good and some not so good...Isn't that the way-of-it? Life. It is filled with lots of Ups and Downs!
    I hope your Labor Day Weekend is an "UP" good one!

  17. Wow! This is such a full, rich post. I'm really sorry about the family trouble, but happy that you got to see photos of your grandsons. When I clicked on Roger Ebert's link, it didn't connect. He's really going through tough times with his cancer. I sure hope he's OK.

  18. Well I have read all the posts that I missed while I was away. It sounds like you have such a busy, no, hectic, life. I hope you can relax and smell the roses soon. I enjoyed all the jokes your provided.


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