Monday, August 09, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog . . .

I had every intention of posting more pictures and commentary on my road trip but life has a way intruding when one is busy making other plans. The phone ringing off the hook helped with assorted friends and acquaintances wanting to know if Jeff was back and how it went or thanks for the party -- some even came in while he was here. Sigh. Let's just say that we're talking. The gals' advice is to take my time which I usually do anyway.

Yes, Jeff is back and the annual parade party was fun as always or so I was told. I collapsed afterwards because I was exhausted and slept a lot and I still have some cleaning up to do. Therefore, I've postponed the photos for a day or so or maybe longer as in going through the photos, I realized that there were some pictures I really should have taken. That means I have to go back and take more and that there will be several posts. Cool, huh?

At any rate, I have obligations to keep and some computer issues to address (damn Microsoft) so I have to postpone posting anything major.

Here's a favorite oldie that's been rattling around my poor damaged brain of late. Can you tell I have a case of wanderlust?

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Glad to hear about the party and that you are taking some recuperation time as that is as important as the run-around time. Talking is good too :)

  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Rest up so that you will be able to post all sorts of fun stuff for us to see! How selfish is that? I am glad that things are going well, even if it is hectic. Enjoy what you can and relax when you need to.


  3. A party; wow! I think it's always worth the pay back after it's over.

    Wanderlust is good if you can travel and it sounds like you intend to do that. Good for you. Do it while you can.

  4. A party? That always sounds good Kay. Your life seems a little hectic lately, but I think somehow you thrive pretty well in that atmosphere. Enhoy everything...but make sure you take time to rest up sweetie. Hugs, Joy


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