Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dang! I'm Sorry!!!!!

Last night I was determined to have a post up but it didn't happen. Brice's mom asked me to help her with her financial aid papers because she's going to go to school in the fall and found them a bit daunting. I am almost an expert in that area between my own experience as a student and sending the Dynamic Duo to college so of course I said okay. The good news is it can be done online now however, Michelle isn't very computer literate which makes it more difficult. So I spent most of the evening with her and we got everything done without any huge problems and Michelle learned a few computer tricks.

I was determined to have a post up this morning but it didn't happen -- I forgot that I'd made arrangements to have the cleaning lady over at Jeff's and she called when she was about halfway done so I dropped everything and did a quick run to the grocery to grab some staples for the fridge and dashed over there to pay her and left the receipts for him so he can pay me back. For my next trick it was doctor day and I got to see Dr. Maria. She eliminated one scrip and gave me some samples to try of a possible replacement for another. I have to go get more blood work next week. God knows we have to feed the A- vampire. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't have any positive suggestions and just seemed happy that my blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, etc., was okay.

I had to rush to get home because the ex was coming to look at a problem that I was having with one of my programs. It was a weirdness that even he couldn't fix but he made some adjustments and at least I can do what I need to do now.

Then I had to get some other errands done and went to the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) for one of my infrequent visits. Hopefully, I won't have to go back for a few months.

When I came home tonight Brice and Joey were playing catch in the yard and were laughing as I got out of my car. Why? Because I pulled up with Miss Ruby's windows down and the classic rock radio station blasting Eric Clapton's "Cocaine". They don't seem to understand that we elders were there when rock was invented. To their credit, they helped me with my parcels when they stopped laughing.

Sorry my plans were disrupted, I'm hoping to get back to a regular schedule soon.

Here's a video that scared the hell out of me. I don't remember the demonstrations of the 50s and 60s being this vicious and downright stupid. I am ashamed of these alleged humanoids. If one is going to call people names, I think one should at least check the facts and spell them right, don't you?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    I didn't watch the whole video. Too depressing!

  2. Re "Cocaine" I have joked with the older grandkids that they think that nothing happened in the world before they were born.

  3. back on election night I told my husband that I was afraid of what would follow -- not because Obama is any of the things these wing nuts say he is, but because I thought this was what we would see

    sometimes I hate being right

  4. I am less bothered by the nut-job protesters than the enthusiasm of the media to cover (and thereby give credence) to their position. The more attention the media gives to this faction of idiocy, the more they impart that this is a relevant movement.

    Disappointing... but then the art of journalism died some time ago anyway.

  5. Amused by the image of you blasting Clapton. Depressed by the images of racist, sexist, hate fill religious bigots who consider themselves Christians.

    As German playwright Johann von Goethe say, “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

  6. Gigi: Sorry you didn't like it. I refuse to hide from what is happening in this country -- ignoring it could be dangerous.

    GFB: Indeed!!! And that we didn't do anything crazy in our youth.

    Bev: I had the same misgivings. And yeah, I feel the same on being right!

    Robert: I agree and yes, journalism has become a lost art thanks to Faux News et al. I miss Walter, Chet and David.

    Colleen: LOL I like loud music when I drive -- especially on the Turnpike! And yeah, I feel the same way as you well know. I love the Goethe quote.

  7. Anonymous4:55 PM

    This video is so disturbing on so many levels. The sign "I want America Back" and the one that said "I am ashsmed of my country" are the ones that I can agree with, but perhaps not for the reasons that the marchers intended.

    Gotta love Clapton!

  8. AITBR: I agree with you -- probably for the same reasons. And I a soooooooooo sick of seeing their racist, spelling error ridden signs! It's just another indication of how awful our school system is.


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