Sunday, April 18, 2010

Couch Potato Thoughts

I feel a bit better today but not great so I'm more or less a couch potato. I did, however, drag myself out to go to mass with Jeff because its intention was for his beloved mom who passed away last year about this time. I had arranged it because I really loved the Fair Bridget and am glad Jeff was here to attend with me. I wear one of her Claddagh rings that Big Alex gave in her memory so I think of her every day. She was a grand lady. As the Irish say, "God be good to her and He'd better!"

Thanks to all y'all for all the nice comments yesterday some of which left me laughing hysterically. It's nice to get Red Carpet treatment now and again and I do appreciate it.

Last night was movie night and we watched two of my favorites. "The Russia House" with Sean Connery which is probably my favorite of his films. I really think he's a better actor now that he's older. I was never a great fan of the Bond films but will argue any day that he really is the only Bond. Fortunately, Jeff agrees. We followed it with "In the Electric Mist" starring Tommy Lee Jones. Based on a novel by one of my favorite writers, James Lee Burke, they did an excellent job of adapting it to film. I usually don't watch such films because they usually ruin a perfectly good story. Despite Jones being one of my favorite actors, I wasn't certain that he was right for the hero's role but he did a wonderful job and John Goodman played the villain extremely well. Jeff hadn't seen the latter film and loved it and borrowed my copy of the book. Like me, he is always up for Connery but his favorite is "Finding Forrester" which I also love.

I hope that tomorrow I feel better and can get something accomplished. I have to do battle with bureaucracy again and don't relish the challenge. And yeah, I'm still thinking. Fortunately, Jeff is patient. He just brought lunch from Papa Gyros -- Greek salads and Pastisio! Serious yum!!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Couch potato-ing is often degraded, but often needed. Take care of yourself!

  2. Nothing like good old every day bliss, is there.

  3. Appears you had a better choice of Saturday night films to watch. We watched "No country for old men" which really was a lot of pointless violence... emphasis on "pointless". It left us both in a bum mood for the evening. We put some more Larry David "Curb your Enthusiasm" in the Netflix queue to offset the bad taste left in our mouths.

  4. Kay;

    Hope you feel better, not fun to be sicky.
    But having someone around you that cares about you and how you feel is really a plus.
    Thinking about your life is good, we all do need to do that more.
    Happy Sunday.
    PS I love Sean and Tommy too!

  5. AITBR: Indeed! I'm trying.

    Hattie: Not exactly bliss but it's okay.

    Robert: I have a library of my favorites. I loved No Country for Old Men and I have it. It's about the drug wars and that's about violence -- go figure -- and some days just aren't for that. I've been watching old Hitchcock classics a lot lately. Awesome stuff!!!!

    Peggy: I'm trying. It's okay -- just too much to think about.

  6. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I used to watch a lot of movies -- particularly Audrey Hepburn and musicals. Not anymore. David is the movie buff in the family, ordering many films on netflix.

  7. Where did you get that picture of me? I am going to FORCE myself to go pick up supper!

    Now that Greek sounds great!

    Rest well!


  8. Kay, patience and thinking are good. I'm glad he has patience and you are thinking.

  9. I read you last few posts and enjoyed them. You are so right – in Ohio it is winter time or road work time. When I went there last they were still working on High Street, one the main streets there. My daughter lives in Clintonville, which is the area close to OSU, and there are so many roads closed around it because of road work. I am driving back to see her in mid-June, I wonder if the road work will be finished. Hope you soon feel great.

  10. What a wonderful, thoughtful night out and you certainly needed a boost. I can't wait to hear about whatever the issue on the table is, but you have my best wishes. Hang in there, Kay. Peace of mind in your future...and one day at a time.

  11. My favourite Sean Connery is The Man Who Would be King, but I pretty much like anything he's in, just because he's so charismatic, yet doesn't take himself too seriously. At least as an actor.


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