Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Old TV -- Cowboys! (Part 1)

In the early days of television the Old West was very much present and very popular. In fact my dad pronounced one night a week 'NBC' as in "nothing but cowboys". He wasn't complaining -- he liked westerns as much as I did!

* My absolute favorite cowboy was Richard Boone as Paladin on "Have Gun will Travel". (I never did get the Paladin gun and holsters set I wanted so badly.) I think the show was more famous for it's theme song and all of us kids could sing it -- could you? -- so I included it instead of a clip.

Also, here's is Boone in one of the funniest appearances on "What's My Line" I ever saw.

* Dad and I were great fans of James Arness as Matt Dillon in "Gunsmoke" This clip includes Dennis Weaver as everyone's favorite sidekick, Chester. (Note how much bigger Matt's horse is than the others -- they had to find extra large horses to accomodate Arness' height -- my kind of guy!)

The gambling Maverick brothers, Brett (James Garner) and Bart (Jack Kelly) provided comic relief in the world of TV westerns. Here's a clip with a very young Roger Moore as a guest star. Then again, have y'all seen Jim Garner lately? :)

If you don't see your favorite, there will be more next week! The abundance of "shoot 'em ups" on You Tube is astounding!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I Loved all of those shows, in fact my husband and I still watch Gunsmoke on TVland. I started singing the theme from "Gun Will Travel" while I read your post.

    My father gave me a red cowbay hat and a holster with 2 guns for my birthday. I loved them, I thought I was a real cowgirl :)

  2. Here's where we part company, Sis. After 3rd grade, I wouldn't have given you a plug nickel for a western.

  3. LTTS: I had my cowboy hat and a Wild Bill Hick gun and holster set -- but I wanted one like Paladin's! LOL Yeah, I was a tomboy.

    Judy: I am shocked! With your eye for handsome, you missed all those glorious hunks!!!! LOL I may have been a tomboy but part of my enjoyment of the westerns was the abundance of handsome men!!!

  4. Hey! That savage land looks like most places here in the West Desert
    Nice song, I don't remember Paladin
    James Garner NEVER gets old in my eyes.

  5. My grandpa used to watch all these shows . Thanks for the memories!

  6. I was shyly but quite passionately in love with Richard Boone as Paladin because as I thought of him then, he wasn't just getting by on his looks. He doesn't look too shabby to me now

  7. I LOVED "What's My Line" was always so good!
    And I sometimes watch repeats od James Garner in "MAVERICK" on The Western Channel....They show that one with Roger Moore quite often...!
    In general, I was not a big Western Fan...but certain ones appealed to me like MAVERICK because of the Humor.

  8. Rowdy Yates was my favorite guy on Rawhide. And then he grew up to be Clint Eastwood. I still love him.

  9. Those are flat out wonderful clips. Thanks so much. G and I really enjoyed following your lead here and we kept on watching. :)


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