Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not Much Today!!!!

It's been a rough couple days. My poor damaged brain is on overload. I'm trying to get some things straightened out while dealing with some hurt and disappointment. The good news is I did get some things straighten out and made progress on some projects around the house.

This song has been rattling around my brain all day!!!! It's a part of my misspent youth and probably part of yours, too!!! (Golly gee whiz!!!!! Those guys are getting old!!! And we, of course, are not!) Enjoy!!!!!

Hope y'all have a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Here it comes,
    Here it comes. :)

    Breathe deep, Kay, breathe deep.

  2. The Rolling Stones have been favorite of mine for decades. I remember dancing to “Start me Up.” My husband does not like to dance, so I would get one of my little girls and dance to “Angie” or “Emotional Rescue.” But now my little girls are grown women and far away, so I guess I have to dance alone, or I should as this would be some exercise at least. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Sorry to hear about the disappointment, but getting things done is its own reward. I am not accomplishing much lately, I'm afraid.

    Not a big Rolling Stones fan when I was younger, but I do sometimes find myself humming along these days!

  4. Oh, many hugs from someone else who understands living with a damaged brain. So glad it all began to fall into place, and even your lovely home starts looking good. Me....tried to stop thinking, cleaned out closet and dresser...achoo, and today am looking forward to the sunshine.

  5. I hope things are better soon, Kay.

  6. Colleen: Uh-huh!! I'll get through it.

    Vagabonde: It was a running thing with my sister and I -- she liked the Beatles and I liked the Stones which probably tells you a lot about our viewpoints.

    AITBR: I wish I could get more done. Maybe if I stayed away from the comput . . . NO Way!!!!! LOL

    Maggie: I muddle through. Have more to do today including dealing with bureaucracy. Argh!!!!

  7. Love it. thanks. Get better sweet friend.

  8. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I liked the Beatles, but was never into the Stones. Still don't care for them. LOL.

    Hope you get more straightened out.

  9. I'm afraid the Rolling Stones were in my son's generation and I was not enamored of them. Do I recognize Mick Jagger as one of them. (It's pretty obvious that I am out of my element here.)

    Hang in there, Kay. You're a survivor.

  10. Annie: Thanks!!!

    Gigi: Different strokes and all that.

    Darlene: I love Big Band, too!!! Just haven't had an occasion to use it lately.

  11. I hope things are looking up. Music always lifts my spirits.

  12. Kay, get your joy where you can.

  13. Hope your brain is functioning better today. Mine is just fuzzy. :) After recovering from my swim, I'm going to price the books at the cancer society.....then I will rest. The lady who committed to doing these had surgery many weeks ago. The books have been piling up, and I said I would be there since I wouldn't be there friday. Hugs froom my brain to yours.


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