Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Not the Only One

I've have been at the saturation point with Fox News' lies for a very long time and what has confused me most about it is that the other news sources have been letting them get away with it!!!! Do you honestly think Huntley, Brinkley or Cronkite would have stood by silently for their lack of integrity and vicious lies? I don't. And I've been pleasantly surprised in recent days to trip across some folks who found their cojones and took a stand.

I read a lot of newspapers online on both sides of the fence that appears to exist in politics -- mostly the editorial pages but also the news --and I was delighted with this gutsy, courageous editorial by Howell Raines, former editor of the New York Times. He really says a lot about ethics and honesty and calls upon the media to take stand.

In this CNN's Rick Sanchez takes on Fox. What do you think?

"The Ed Show" is wacky and off the wall sometimes and sometimes right on but he usually makes sense and is good at skewering the idiots of either party and that's what I call that "fair and balanced". Today's show re: pubic option on healthcare is right on and scary.

Y'all can watch part two of this here.

My take is that y'all and I, as well as the rest of us ordinary mortals are not getting what we need and won't ever get it as long as our health is a political football. Sigh.

Thanks for all your good wishes for my family. It was a nice day. Now I get to go back to my irregularly scheduled traumas.

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. I have not watched anything on FOX news in years.

  2. Anonymous3:20 AM

    I tend to watch FOX News and the local news on channel 2, because the other stations are just full of fluff. That's the reason channel 2 news is the number one rated show in Hawaii.

  3. Gigi: I'd rather watch fluff than Glen Beck et al.

  4. Irregulary scheduled trauma is fox news. LOL They be too full of conservatism and lies for me too.

    Glad the family thing went well. Hugs.....

  5. Kay, perhaps I owe you an explanation for my short comment. I lived most of my life in the world of FOX thinking, long before FOX was ever thought of. I don't have to watch FOX, I can tell you all about that kind of thinking so I see no need to listen to anymore of that stuff.

    I don't watch the other news channels either because they're all out for ratings, and not for the good of the country. I am major disappointed in all cable news networks. The only time I watch the cable networks is when a major tragedy happens, or a state funeral, innauguration or something like that.

  6. Actually, like so many things, the picture is a little different in Hawaii. Fox does a pretty good job on local news here and the anchor person (what's his name? Can't remember) is a pleasant fellow. Remember all that race stuff and screw the poor stuff is not so popular here as it is in most parts of the U.S. so Fox pretty much behaves itself around here.
    I myself don't have a television any more and get all my news off the net and newspapers and more and more from local blogs.

  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Kay, Glen Beck has never appeared on Fox Channel 2 world news when I was watching. It's a 30 minute show, followed by 30 min of local news.

  8. Maggie: Thanks!!!!!

    Linda: No explanation needed and I do understand. I only check it if one of their idiots need to be exposed.

    Hattie: Thanks for clarifying that for me. I wish it were like that here on the mainland.

    Gigi: Hattie explained that it's different in Hawaii. Here we get ALL the junk. Sigh.


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