Saturday, February 27, 2010

More News -- Sheesh!

The young lady in this video is an Alaskan blogger and contributor to the HuffPost. She is part of group of Alaskan bloggers who are dedicated to exposing the truth about Sarah Palin. What she has to say is important -- especially for us elders so I wanted to share it with y'all.

And Bill Maher gave me some needed comic relief after some of the horrid things I've been listening to and watching. Unfortunately, it's probably "more truth than poetry" as my Daddy used to say.

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. When I feel the blues coming on nowadays, the first line of defense is blocking out the news. I play music on the radio; play solitaire instead of looking at, etc. The world and all of its afflictions will still be here once we tune in again. Unfortunately.

  2. Maher was really good last night. It's important to be able to laugh.

  3. My newspaper has cut itself in half and doubled the amount of ads, and our local news spends 15 minutes talking about the weather and 3 minutes talking about the news. I'm not surprised that people don't know what's going on in the country.

  4. Like Volly...When I am struggling with my own personal dilemmas I find the news very difficult to take--It depresses me more. Sarah Palin and he Ilk, depress me so much that I just try to avoid everything about her and all of her "cult". OY VEY!
    Sometimes I wonder what will become f our country and our world, with people like this scrambling for power.

  5. Listen to the Alaskans. They know Palin best. She's always right. She never makes mistakes. When things go wrong, it's the fault of others.
    Just who you want in public office.

  6. Does someone still take Palin seriously? I, who used to march and support, am anti politics these days. I think I'm just reduced to placemats.

  7. Kay, I am proud of you for your perseverance in documenting and sharing this with us all. Otherwise, how can we combat the amazing ignorance of a surprising majority of people - and their willingness to take slogans and unfounded statements as gospel...from those who honestly share only a modicum of their beliefs and little to none of their true interests? The battle is upon us.

    Sometimes I wonder on the wisdom of everyone having a vote! (lol!)

  8. Too funny, Kay! I could really take some time for a laugh. Thank you very much!


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