Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Phil's Annual Bash

It's Groundhog Day!!!!! Punxatawney Phil makes his annual prediction. If he sees his shadow, we'll have six more weeks of winter; if not expect an early spring. He's been predicting this for over 120 years.

Groundhog's Day is a tradition brought by the German immigrants who settled Pennsylvania and has its roots in legend of Candlemas which says, "For as the sun shines on Candlemas Day, so far will the snow swirl in May..."

Groundhog's Day is a significant day on my calendar because it was my paternal grandmother's birthday. My dad, the eldest, started the tradition of calling her to ask if she saw her shadow after he left home. His brothers and sisters followed suit as did those of us who followed until her death in 2001 at age 96. That's a lot of phone calls considering that she had 5 kids, a dozen grands and I lost track of the greats long ago.

I actually went to Punxatawney for Ground Hog's Day once back in the late 60s when I was young and foolish (now I'm just old and foolish.) I stopped by my fav pub after work and ran into an old friend. We started talking silliness and, after a few beers, got the "brilliant" idea that we needed to go Punxatawney for the party -- about three hours away. So we did taking along some 'road pop' and snacks. It was fun and really sort of surreal -- not as surreal as Bill Murray's time there in the movie but -- surreal. Jeff and I still laugh about it. In fact, I called him while I was writing this and asked what time we're leaving. He roared because he's down in Florida but said he'd be on the next plane here! LOL Right. Then again, maybe I need to get Shaughnessy out of the kennel so he can go with us. And yes, Jeff is still crazy after all these years! And so am I -- but y'all knew that!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    still crazy, huh? LOL. sounds like me! cheer up. It ain't over til it's over!!!

  2. I saw my shadow this morning .Does that count?

    Wiarton Willie our rodent forecaster here saw his shadow.

  3. Dear Kay.....So delightful that you did that wonderfully crazy trip. I did something similar for a cup of coffee once....and boy it was fun.

    I went to your other blog and got stuck reading this morning. My daughter Lessa, who writes on OPEN Diary, has lived through several abusive lovers, and is coming out the other side at last.


    Thanks. You are much appreciated.

  4. Gigi: Jeff is supposed to arrive at 4:34 -- too late to go to PA but able to take me to dinner. LOL And yeah, I had to go get the dog. He's obviously still crazy, too! I like crazy -- it's never boring.

    GFB: It counts if you want it to! And yeah, Phil saw his shadow, too.

    Maggie: Well, it was fun and at that point in my life, fun was paramount -- spointaneous fun was the best and still is!

    I'm delighted you visited my other blog. I've not kept it up for far too long. I'm going to read your daughter's story -- I'm sure it will be interesting. The scars itch for a very long time and I know I'm not completely healed because I still attract abusers.

  5. And He came out today and saw his shadow---So....another 6 weeks of Winter!
    There is a blogger I visit who goes every year to this fun "happening".....
    Here's what I don't understand: If it is a sunny day we all know he will see his shadow, right? And if it isn't sunny---there's nothing to see....So, why does eceryone wait with baited breath? LOL!

    I bet it was kind of fun to go there though.

  6. That sounds like such fun. Does it only count in that one place for all of us? Nobody would see their shadows here today.

  7. Phil saw his shadow. So sorry for all you snowbound people ----. :-(

  8. Anonymous4:50 PM

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  9. AnOldLady and Rain have already said what I wanted to say. Seems to me like there's always six weeks at least (sometimes more) winter days left after February 2 no matter. But it gives local television a fun feature story to do. And yeah, I'd probably go there at least once myself if I lived close. Like to see things for myself--don't we all???

  10. Naomi: Because it's fun and sunny days -- even if it's cold -- are not common at this time of year and worth celebrating!!!

    Rain: I think Phil is the nat'l prognosticator since he's been around the longest.

    Darlene: Yes he did but we aren't snowbound. In fact, we haven't had much snow here this year.

  11. Staten Island Chuck saw his ;)

    I love that Paul Simon song

  12. Our local groundhog, Sir Wally Raleigh did NOT see his shadow today, so I'm hoping for an early Spring!!


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