Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes, We Are All Sisters Here!

I have never been a big devotee of the theory called Six Degrees of Separation but somehow it pops up now and again in my life and I can't help but wonder about its validity.

Today one of those those things happened and I realized the small community in which I reside here in the Blogosphere.

Over the weekend Alice of My Wintersong tagged me and two others with an award; I, in turn, tagged Rain, Darlene and M.E.. Darlene tagged Judy, Grannymar, and
Joy. Joy tagged Val, Merle, and Maria. Maria passed to me, Judy,and Mary.

Wow!!!!! It came full circle!!!!! We really are a small community here and I love you all!!! Ain't it grand?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. And I find you leaving very nice notes on my blog too. Yes, any award left by Alice is an honor. I find you leaving notes here and there on many blogs I read. Yes, sometimes I truly believe there are only 6 degrees of separation.

    Yes, I am so very proud of my once homeless, addict, alcoholic daughter who is now living a new life.

    You stay warm and dry today.

  2. Yes, we are sisters. Yeah for us !!

    I guess what goes around really does come around.

  3. This is what happens all the time in Hawaii. It's really quite hilarious. The big joke is whenever you meet somebody you ask, "What year did you graduate? What high school?" and then go from there.

  4. Maggie: I had been reasing your blog a while back and for some reason lost track of it. I've been finally adding to my 'follow' thing on Blogger so now you're stuck with me!!!! And yes you should be proud of her!!!! I know the challenges she faces.

    Darlene: Viva sisters!!!

    Kay: Here in my town, too. I developed a theory long ago that if one put 10 couples in a room that had never met and told them to get acquainted, someone in that room would know someone you know. It's never failed me!!!! I was out with a friend not too long ago and a young (30s) man approached me and said, "Hi, Mrs. Dennison! Long time!" I just laughed and said, "Okay, are you a friend of Eric or Kate?" He laughed, too.

  5. it really is a small, and wonderful, community

  6. I noticed at least one section of that and I loved it too!

  7. I love the circle of life, espically here in blogland :)

  8. One big happy family....that's how I like it Kay. We're just a hoot!

  9. I was at a party one night back in the day and afterwards I was only three degrees of separation from the Prime Minister.Indeed a small world.


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