Saturday, January 02, 2010

Rose Bowl Win!!!!! Buckeyes Rule!!!!!!!!

For me, a day with knockies, kraut and dumplings for supper accompanied by Buckeye football is a pretty damn good day but when dessert is a Rose Bowl win, it's seriously euphoric!!!!!

Yeah, all week I read about how much better the PAC-7 was than the Big 10 and how much better the Oregon Ducks were than my beloved Buckeyes and to those so-called experts, I politely say: "Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!" while grinning ear-to-ear as Coach Tressel received the traditional Gatorade bath after the Buckeyes beat the Ducks 27-16 in the Rose Bowl. Sophomore quarterback Terrelle Pryor, from just across the border in Jeanette, PA, garnered MVP honors!

This video says it all!

It really was an excellent game with both teams giving their best. It kept my attention from start to finish!!!! I honestly hate games where the teams aren't evenly matched and this game definitely was not one of those. I do think the Ducks underestimated our defense and that, my friends was their downfall.

The Best Damn Band in the Land marched in the Rose Bowl parade and showed the Ducks fans their signature style at the game. How I envied my fellow fans who were lucky enough to be there! Here's their half-time show in Pasadena!

The New Year is off to a pretty good start! Congratulations to Coach Tressel and the Buckeyes for a great game and a great win!

Happy Blogging and Goooooooooooooooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!



  1. Just stopping in to say hello and to see how you are, I've been away soooooooo long - busy with family, the holidays and work-related stuff.

    I hope 2010 is filled with peace, love, and happiness,

    Happy New Year, Kay!

  2. Kay, I hope this is all indicative of how 2010 is going to keep going for you. Hooray for the Buckeyes and Hooray for your happiness!

  3. Hey Kay ,high fives all around!! Happy for you! It was a good game.

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Better than the Sugar Bowl, where the score was really LOPSIDED!!!!

    I am so happy your team won, Kay. WAY TO GO!!!

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    What a great game, almost a nail biter without all the stress!

  6. Congratulations to you and your Buckeyes. Definitely a great way to start the New Year. :)

  7. I rooted for the Bucks, if only mostly for the band! They rock.

    Now, you gonna root for Texas Tech tonight?

    Leach got a bum rap, IMHO.

    The James Gang are a bunch of thugs.

  8. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who was playing and I didn't know who won...BUT, if I had known, I would have been rooting for YOUR Team, my dear. The Buckeyes Did GREAT!

    A Very Happy New Year, my dear. May it be everything you hope and wish for, PLUS, More!

  9. Kay,

    Happy "Nyah, Nyah!" Year. This sounds like a good omen for you. Keep it up!



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