Friday, January 15, 2010

A Quick Mea Culpa and Some Fun!!!!

I just want to apologize for not getting a post up this morning!!!!! Life intrudes!
I'll be around later to visit -- I hope. Someday I'm gonna get organized!!!!

That said, the other day I found a YouTuber who collects TV theme songs!!!!! Here's a video that will bring back memories back of many your favorite shows!!!! Guess who my favotite cowboy was?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. This was so much fun, Kay. It brought back a lot of memories.

  2. Hi there, i come to your blog via Alwaysquestion - he helped out technically with mine a while back - and i'm glad to see you have him writing again.
    And i'm enjoying a trawl through your selection of vintage TV - some of which, as a Brit, i know, some which is new - but the question it rises is -do you see anything on the box these days that you rate?

  3. My favorite cowboy in the bunch was Richard Boone of Paladin but I'm guessing your favorite was Chuck Connor of Rifleman.

    I'm afraid that I knew the words to almost all of the theme songs. LOL

  4. I began watching and realized I will have to come back later---But this is such a fun idea...! What I saw sure brought back memories....!

  5. Kay, Found your clever comment just after I posted my next one. Took me a minute...thanks.

  6. Memories, memories. Thanks for a trip back in time.

  7. Yes, it was quite a walk down memory lane. Was life really that much easier? If I were to trace back to when things began to get more complicated, I would blame it all on the remote control. Remotes have not gotten easier. It now takes two to work my set and I can never remember which does what. LOL Hurry back!


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