Sunday, January 31, 2010


Argh!!!!!!! Don't ask me how -- because I didn't even have editing open -- but this published this afternoon. I'm not deleting it because Hattie and Peggy left comments. I hope to flesh it out for another day when I've collected my thoughts better. Sorry!!!!!

For the past week my dear blogging friend Rain of Rainy Day Thoughts has had thought-provoking posts discussing the various illusions we experience/hold in our lives. While all of them gave me pause, the last one really touched me considering my Friday post and has been very much in my thoughts -- especially after watching the film "The Lake House" which further extended the idea of illusions in our lives.

Happy Blogging!!!!!

A red-faced Kay


  1. Kay: I'm sorry to hear about your mother. The next few months will be crucial for her, as experience with my friends this has happened to shows. Best of luck to her, and you, on this one.
    It's true what Rain says about boxes, but these days the issue is what box you can get into, because if you're not in one of the boxes where the money and influence are to be found, you are just out of luck. And not only that, you have to be flexible enough to change boxes if necessary, since circumstances change constantly!
    Rebellion is so 60's. Advertisers sell us rebellion all the time, and a lot of good it does us. Thank goodness for blogs, where we still have a small realm of freedom.

  2. Damn Blogger posted this before I finished it!!!!!!!


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