Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowy Saturday Thoughts and Updates

Wow!!!!! It's Saturday and we're in the midst of our first real snow -- I actually had to get out my snow brush and I put on what I call my stomper boots. I'm not certain how much we're due to get but I brushed over an inch off Miss Ruby this morning because I had to go to the bank to deposit a check which seemed rather surreal.

I realized how rare my visits are to that institution -- I have my SS check on automatic deposit and do most of my banking online but I recall the days when my appearance there at least once a week was almost mandatory and all the tellers knew me by name. I sort of miss that. The computer is making the comfort of human contact a thing of the past and de-personalizing us. Sad. I have whole weeks where I have no real contact other human beings other than my computer. I'm not certain that's a good thing -- convenience isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

* I got my Part D fixed for the coming year and am keeping my current provider. I'm going to pay the $7.66 (which works out to sixty-three cents a month) that Ohio wouldn't pay. Letters have gone out to my state senator and state representatives asking how much the lobbyists paid them because there doesn't seem to be any benefit for us elders. I also mentioned that my vote will be damned hard to get next election and won't hesitate to pass on what I've learned.

* Saw Dr. Maria this week and I have a new scrip -- she said my potassium was a little high and not to worry about it too much but my daily banana has got to go. Sigh.

* Dr. Krishna's (hare hare) PA called and there was no mention of potassium so I guess the diet is off but he ordered another scrip that Medicare doesn't pay for and that's twelve bucks I can't afford every 2 months. He sent me for a thyroid scan last evening so I'm sure they'll call next week with results. Pray.

* I actually felt human a couple days this week and got some things done. I think I have put my finger on part of my health problems.

* Tuesday I see my favorite doctor -- Dr. Jamie, my ophthamologist, for my annual exam and follow-up on my eye infection that I'm pretty sure has healed. He is handsome and fun so it's always a joy. He always pats me on the head because I've done so well since my cataract surgery and always asks about my blog. He thought it a riot that I wrote about it on my blog. His office is a happy place.

* My stepmom sent me a small check for Christmas. I am grateful -- she isn't rich so I, in some ways, wish she hadn't. It also means I can't say I got nothing for Christmas. I have had an itch all week to head up north but the white stuff this morning sorta was a gentle reminder that I really don't want to take that risk. And my undone dental work is also a factor. Sigh.

* Boston Tea Party anniversary responses: From my Congressman: 'We have received your email. Thank you for contacting our office. Due to the increased interest in how Congress is working for Ohioans, please know it may take some time to respond to your particular inquiry'; from Senator Voinovich: nada, zero, zip -- he's retiring and hardly did anything useful anyway-- I liked him when he was governor here; from Senator Brown: "We have received your email. Thank you for contacting our office. Due to the increased interest in how Congress is working for Ohioans, please know it may take some time to respond to your particular inquiry." No one even read it. I have never voted for this idiot and never will. At least Boccieri was polite. I was heartened when I saw 'increased interest in how Congress is working for Ohioans'. It tells me that I'm not alone in my frustration -- we're all mad as hell and want answers! I hope y'all had better results than I did. The phone calls went slightly better but not great.

* Word to the Wise: Y'all may be having teen visitors during the holidays, be careful about letting them use your computer. I don't care how good they are, they go to junky sites the collect all sorts of crapola. Brice was over the other day and he screwed up my computer to a fare-thee-well! I had to do a system restore and assorted other nonsense that I hate to do. And I'm still not sure I have everything right yet.

I hope y'all are ready for the holidays! My decorations are up but my heart really isn't in it. I got my Straight No Chaser CD and it's a delight -- it almost cured my malaise! If you missed my post on them, check it out!!!!!

Here's a video that I found that is a definite mood brightener. It's a blast from my misspent youth and it actually got me out of my chair and dancin' around the house! Enjoy!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Hope all goes well with you on the test. It's both good and bad to see Carly and James together. They were so cute back then and seemed to have it all. Typical about 'seemed'

  2. Good luck with the eye doc and I hope you get your thyroid sorted out soon.

  3. Boy those were the days, weren't they. I didn't quite make it out of my chair, since my laptop was in it, but I sure felt like it.

    You know what Kay, some of the best relationships I have seem to be blogging buddies. They're never to far away or to busy.

  4. Enjoyed Carly and James. You find the greatest videos!

  5. Am hoping all goes well with your tests results, sorry you had to have one that your ins doesn;t cover. The one Dr's office sounds really neat and a postive place.

    We are suppose to get snow this Wed. :(

    I don't let anyone touch our computers anymore. I had to learn the same way.

    Loved the Carly and Taylor, I love them together. To bad they couldn't keep their realtionship together (I felt the same way about
    Fleetwood Mac too)

    take care :)

  6. Rain: I've had so many tests of late, I just don't care. And yeah, Carly and James were cute and had it all but sometimes that isn't enough. Still, the video was a definite upper for me 'cause I loved that song.

    Judy: Thanks!!!!

    Jan: Yes they were and we thought it would last forever. And yeah, my blogging buddies are the bomb!

    Colleen: Yeah, they were and I loved that song a lot! And I find them because I really have fun with YouTube. I get an idea a go a-hunting and find a half dozen more ideas.

    LTTS: It's okay. I always survive no matter what. And all my docs are good -- finally! Going to a new one on Monday and I'm sure he'll be just fine, too.
    The white stuff is typical for us.

    re computers: good idea

    I just love that song!!!!!! Can't worry about who's not with who. It's ancient history.

  7. Kay D;

    I hope your thyroid test comes back normal too. I had mine removed almost 30 years ago. Had about a 100 nodes on it, none of them cancerous.
    Loved the video of Carly and James. deja vous!
    Merry Christmas my friend. Hopefully your medical red tape will be far less in 2010!

  8. I've often had the same thought about whether this blogging is healthy or not. But I think you get to know people better reading their thoughts and ideas. After all it takes so much longer to get to really know people up close and personal--just the way it is. I'm closer to blogger buddies than so-called friends living around me. Maybe I'm too hubby and family oriented. Glad you got your part D sorted out. I suppose everything will change if the health bill passes...or not. Hope they don't mess up Medicare.

  9. Made my day with James and Carly. Oh how I loved them together and oh how I love them separately. Great entertainers.

    You're too late with the teenage warning because grandkids were here and I'm having to system restore on both computers! Yikeeeeeeeeeees!

    Kay I wish you and Merry Christmas and hope you find the perfect outlet for joy and celebration.

  10. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Living in a geographically isolated place as I do, it's fun to read about things elsewhere. And I feel like my blogging buddies are neighbors.

  11. Peggy: From your keyboard to God's monitor!

    Alice: I'd never give up my blogging buddies -- you are ALL too dear to me!!!! However, I tend to be a gregarious sort and I like human companionship which seems in short supply these days.

    Annie: That's me -- always a day late and a dime short. Brice won't using my computer anymore. I can't be bothered with all the work of that PLUS if you use Google toolbar, you have to go in and clear the history on it, too. I'm going to be alone for Christmas.

    Anon: Please put a name on your post so I can visit your blog! Or send a link to the addy in the sidebar. I don't usually allow anonymous comments but you seem very nice.

  12. Carly and James...they were the best together; and I still love them seperately. I hope your test goes well Kay and that your thyroid problem gets figured out sweetie. We got snow here too, but hope we don't get more. I'm leaving early tommorow for the east coast; which has their own snow problems. Merry Christmas Kay... Love, Joy

  13. Aw a little snow is nice for Christmas after all why did Bing sing for it all these years. My take on our political reps is that when they want to be elected they kiss your ass and once elected you can kiss theirs....

  14. Joy: Bon Voyage!!!!

    GFB: You got that right!


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