Thursday, December 17, 2009

Old TV -- Quiz Shows (Part Two)

I was delighted that y'all enjoyed the first post on quiz shows. Here is the second part of the series. Enjoy!!!!

While "What's My Line" was the most popular quiz show on the air, there were all sorts of other shows that were equally entertaining. A favorite of my parents was "You Bet Your Life" starring Groucho Marx with announcer George Fenniman. Here's a short clip that is Groucho at his best!

"Beat the Clock" with Bud Collyer was another favorite at our house. It proved that some people would do anything for money. And who could forget the Hazel Bishop ads?

Daytime TV had lots of quiz show. My mother watched "The Big Payoff" with Bert Parks and Bess Myerson -- like so many programs, there is no video available. She absolutely hated this show that made its debut in 1956. I always kind of liked the beginning! It was an attention getter for me.

Hope you enjoy these!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time we'll look at some of the more challenging programs.

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  1. AH these were all before my time. THe Groucho clip is brilliant!

  2. Hi Kay......thanks for the comment at my blog.Of the three shows I enjoyed Groucho's the most.Its wonderful that folks take the time to post that stuff on You Tube.

  3. Loving your posts. These sure took me back. I loved the girdle scene. What can't we be that funny anymore?

    So Kay, do you keep the spammers away with the approval of each comment? I see so many people having trouble but I don't seem to. I do require word verification and that seems to keep them away.

  4. Thanks for the Queen For A Day clip, Kay. When I was a wee child this show, Divorce Court, Roller Derby, and Mickey Mouse Club were my favorite TV shows. I'm not sure what this says about me at that time.

    My mother was once on a game show called Strike It Rich with my sister and me. My sister was almost 18 months old and I was in my mother's womb. I think she won some money.

  5. I remember them all! Good TV back then.

  6. Jams: I keep forgetting that you're so young!!!! I grew up with Groucho!!!

    GFB: I love the Marx Brothers!!! I'm thinking of a series on them.

    Annie: Then I did what I set out to do -- take a look at kinder gentler times. As to spammers -- I get lots and reject their comments.

    Colleen: I'm going to do kids' shows eventually.

    Judy: Yeah it was!!! And you didn't need a channel lock for your TV.

  7. Me too! I grew up with these but had to stay home sick to see Queen for a Day. And my mom hated the show also!

  8. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Jams is too young and I am too old. Didn't have TV until after I had kids. It was only turned "on" in the evenings (and I had no TV, at all, during the 1980s). Missed a bunch of that stuff; but, I'm sure that a certain generation grooved on the TV programs just as my generation grooved on radio programs!
    Cop Car

  9. "What's My Line" was the BEST of it's type. An interesting bright Panel and Moderator and very interesting regular guests and Mystery Guests, too, of course. It was the "Platinum" of those kinds of shows..."To Tell The Truth" was interestimg to...a similar Format---A Panel of famous people and then the three people all who said.."My name is Mary Smith", and only onr of them actually was Mary Smith...And the challange for the Celebrity Panel was to fihure out the "REAL" Mary Smith...Great Fun! Simpler times, weren't they?
    "You Bet Your Life"...for me...was really all about Groucho Marx and never knowing what he would say. Without him, it would have been pretty boring.
    "Queen For A Day" was really something! Now, they make the whole Audience "Queen For A Day" Great Reminder of TV Times gone by, Kay. Thanks so much for this.

  10. love these....Groucho would probably be bleeped today....

  11. Colleen: My mom really didn't like TV much once the novelty wore off.

    CC: No, you aren't too old. You're just probably smarter than those of us who grew up with the one-eyed monster!

    OOLOTH: If you have Groucho -- who else do you need? A straight man maybe?

    Beverly: No he wouldn't from what I've seen lately. TV was tame in the 50s.

  12. Wow, these really took me back Kay. I vaguely remember watching Queen for A Day. Seems to me it was on during the day when I was at school. I love Groucho Marx and You Bet Your Life. What's My Line was a classic....loved that show too. Thanks Kay.

  13. I'd forgotten all about the Big Payoff. I used to watch these shows with my father every week. Love these looking back nudges.

  14. I'm sure I owe my rather scurrilous sense of humor to the Marx Brothers. I loved "You Bet Your Life." The frequent sexism went right over my head, of course.
    Granny Annie: Type Pad, my service, keeps away most of the spammers (unwanted solicitations). But I do get the occasional troll (hostile commenters). That is why I have enabled comment approval.

  15. Deep in the recesses of my mind I feel like I saw Queen for a Day. I can barely remember it though. I have bad long term and short term memory. Tsk!


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