Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Does the Stupidity Astound You or What?

I am an angry old woman and y'all can bet I'll on the phone to appropriate people and hollerin' billy blue blazes as my grandpa used to say!!!!

After I found out that I really did have Medicare Part D, I discovered that Ohio is changing my provider from SilverScript, who impressed me with their helpful CSRs and the low co-pay, to Cigna. Why? Because it was going to cost them an extra 63 cents a month. I do realize that could add up to real money 'cause there are lots of low income elders like me in Ohio. However, I just got done looking at the info in Cigna's fancy brochure, and my co-pay will nearly triple. We low income elders get to have our co-pay on generics go from $1.10 to $3.00! Add that over a year and we start talkin' real money. And for brand name, it goes from $3.10 to $30.00. I have, in the last month or so, filled six prescriptions and I spent $8.60. Next year those same scrips will cost $45.00!!!! AND they don't accept the pharmacy I've been using and like for well over thirty years!

You can bet that when I finish this, I'm going to be on the phone hollering at Cigna. And I'll also be calling to see if I can keep SiverScript by paying that 63 cents (it adds up to $7.66 a year), you can safely bet your bottom dollar, I will. And tomorrow, y'all can safely bet that I'll be calling my State Senator and my State Representatives and give those bozos a piece of my alleged mind. I just want to know how much it cost for them to sell their souls to Cigna.

Oh well. I let y'all know how this comes out but not tomorrow -- tomorrow I think we're due for some fun here in Kay's World!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I wish you luck with it, Kay.

  2. From my experiences with insurance, it makes no sense what they do and drives a person nuts trying to figure it out. With Part D, you should have a choice of providers and this is the time to choose them. Some cover one drug and some another which is where the going nuts comes in

  3. You Go Girl!
    I hope you can keep the coverage you got. I'm pissed right along side of you. I AM astounded these morons would do that to you.
    Keep us informed.

  4. Fun???? Good show! What's it gonna be?

  5. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield supplemental to Medicare and I buy my Part D through them, too. It sounds like if you are in a low income program where they decide, and you don't. How maddening this is and I trust you'll be taking on the system tomorrow. This definitely doesn't sound fun to me.

  6. You GO GIRL!!! I'm pretty sure you will win. My fingers are crossed and I am uttering prayers for you.

  7. Kay, Good luck with arguing on your own behalf with Cigna! Would like to hear your script as you chew out those elected representatives. I'm sure it would be inspirational to many of us.

  8. Oh yikes, Kay! That's terrible! I'm so sorry! Good luck!

  9. Give 'em hell, Kay. We have had similar experiences with changes in providers here.

  10. It is exasperating beyond belief! HOW CAN THEY DO THAT??? Help Us And Save Us! I pray you will be able to stay with SilverScript by paying that extra 63 cents a month! It Is Insane! And your question is a well taken one---just how much did they get PAID for doing this??? I will say prayers and look forward to your update on this....! GOOD GOOD Luck, my dear.

  11. You can push 'em back -- but I know it is going to be a lot of work. Hang in there with it!

  12. Judy: I'll post results soon!!!!

    Rain: I know but I'm going to war on this one if I need to do so! Oh Hell! I might do it anyway -- I've been bored!!!

    LTTS: I'm not concerned so much about me as I am the people who just blindly accept this crap. I'm going into militant mode,

    M.E.: It's up and running!

    Fran: Actually, it went pretty well. I'm hollering at politicians on Monday which could be an adventure. They'd all left for the weekend.

    Annie: Thanks for your faith in me.

    Naomi: I'll be covering today's activity tomorrow or Sunday.

    Kay: I'm not afraid -- just annoyed that I have to fight. I'm getting too old for such nonsense. And I'm not so worried about me -- I'm worried about other elders who don't/won't ask question and fight!

    Mary: You betcha!!!!!

    OOLOTH: I'll be telling y'all about it soon.

    Jan: I pushed and will post the results but damn, I'm going after the damned politicians who pulled this crap. Gonna track 'em down like dogs, write a letter to the Editor of every paper for miles around! People need to know this stuff!

  13. I sure hope you prevail. Disgusting how insurers control and dictate so much and our leaders don't rein them in.

  14. Jo: You bet I will!!! I'll be tellig alabout it on Tuesday!!! I'm going to war! This and the other crap I'm dealing with is why my congress critters -- house and senate and my state guys -- assembly and senate will be hearing from me.


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