Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cranky Wednesday

This week, so far, has been filled with assorted messes and disappointments. It's killing my enthusiasm and I can't sleep very well despite being tired and I've lost my appetite, too. I've spent all day dealing with bureaucrats and trying to muster some energy to no avail. This, of course, made a very cranky Wednesday but I'll spare you the details. I'm not much fun today.

* Obama is maintaining the status quo as near as I can tell and there is no end to war for our military in sight. We will continue to lose our children and that's a crime. Does anyone besides me recall that we never found any 'weapons of mass destruction' and that no Iraqis were caught after 9/11? I said my piece on Afghanistan earlier this week and still haven't changed my mind.

* Does anybody but me find all the hype about "Cap and Trade" confusing? I thought so. I have good news!!!! I visited my friend, Lilalia, over at Yum Yum Cafe and she posted an excellent, good old plain-speaking video about it -- just click on the link. And yeah, it's a scam that will make the greedy modern day robber barons richer and probably a bunch of Congress critters, too. Just say NO!

* Judy of Imagine . . . has some great photos of the Christmas floral arrangements she did for the Governor's Mansion in North Carolina. I guarantee that they will take your breath away and she promises more to come.

* From my "When What Freezes Over?" Department: Bank of America is going to repay the 45 billion bucks it received in TARP funds in the bank bailouts earlier this year. When do you think the other banks we bailed out will follow suit? I applaud Bank of America for their action.

On that mind-bending note I'm going to get outta here and hopefully get a decent night's sleep. Tomorrow means more phone calls to more bureaucracy and all the 'fun' that goes with it.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Going over to Judy's lifted my spirits--For Sure!
    There is so much to make one depressed and P.O'd, that I try to look at things and read things that will lift my spritits...EVERYTHING is just so damn difficult these days...!
    Hope you get a GREAT Nights sleep, my dear.

  2. I'd like to get us out of Afghanistan, too. I've heard we can't though, not just from Obama but other experts. I just hope we can do this unilaterally with the rest of the world.

  3. I would love for our country to get out of Afgan, but I also don't see any way out right now. We can't stick our heads in the sand and pretend that no one will bother us again. History tells us that doesn' work!
    Wouldn't want to be the decision maker though either It's a no win situation.
    Hope your spirits are better soon!

  4. I'm just going to copy & paste because this is so me right now..."This week, so far, has been filled with assorted messes and disappointments. It HAS KILLED my enthusiasm. I found myself talking (well, half-takling) in my sleep last night.

    I want this cycle to end soon so I'm doing all I can to speed-up the process. LOL

    Thanksgiving was very nice so that's a positive. How about you? How was your holiday?

  5. Seeing Judy's beautiful arrangements is a breath of fresh air with all that's going on these days Kay. We all want our troops out of Arghanistan....I feel hopeless at times; yet I'm trying to support our president because I believe we need to. I don't really see any other way right now's so upsetting and discouraging. It's hard to keep your spirits up, but try Kay...we all need to pull together as one...and try. Hugs, Joy

  6. Hang in there, kiddo! Am sending loads of postive energy your way :)


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