Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Present from Our Congress -- NOT!

I am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!!!!!!!!

The health care bill helps no one in this country except the insurance companies and the politicians who will get huge campaign donations for passing it! We are getting, as my ex-husband would say, "screwed without getting kissed."

I like these folks at Firedoglake because they are pretty much centrist -- not so far to the right to be nutty and not so far left to be in la-la land.
Mostly they make sense -- a rare commodity these days! While you're there sign up for their newsletter!!!!

Click on this link and weep over the ramifications of this bill:

Can you afford to be sold out to the Philistines? I can't.

Notify your Senators NOW and pass on the link to all and sundry!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. I am angry about it too. The problem with 'they will fix it later' is 'they' didn't now and what could motivate them later? If this fails, costs too much, ends up burdening families for less care, the Democrats will lose even more credibility with the American people. It's not like I trust Republicans with this. They wouldn't even be discussing it. When Bush created the drug benefit for Medicare, he and his cohorts in the Congress didn't figure out how to pay for it leaving Medicare facing a bad future. Somehow we have to get people in there who are responsible. I certainly don't think we have enough of them at the moment.

  2. I agree with what Rain said. But the true problem is...I don't know how we convince our representatives that they are not "representing" our needs, and get them to change. I find it all deeply deeply depressing.

  3. I have to leave it to others. I cannot handle thinking about it and I will simply have to live with the consequences. I refuse to be upset by it, and I know if I read it I would be.

  4. I am totally PISSED!

    so exciting, I can go from being a statistic (having no insurance) to being a criminal (having no insurance)

    don't tell me "you can claim it on your income tax" -- we make so little that we don't even have to file!

    this is NOT change we can believe in, it is the same old back room politics as usual

    I say we should vote the whole bunch out and start over!!

  5. Rain: You are sooo right!

    OOLTH: I think they know it but don't give a damn because they know it's hard to get their you-know-whats kicked out of office!

    Judy: I empathize.

    Bev: It's a sin what they're doing.


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