Monday, November 09, 2009

I Hope It's Not Monday Alllllllll Week Long!!!!!!!!

It's Monday and I'm definitely in Cranky Old Broad mode. Sigh. I just hope it doesn't last.

The symphony's performance last night was magnificent!!! The guest artists, The Claremont Trio, were excellent and I am now the proud owner of one of their CDs (autographed) that features music by Shostakovich -- one of my favorite composers. They performed an excellent rendition of the Triple Concerto, Opus 56 and had us enthralled. Since the evening's theme was "Thrilling Beethoven," the whole programme was music by him. When I was reading the program before the concert began and at intermission, several acquaintances and I were discussing our dismay that Maestro had hauled out that old chestnut, Symphony No. 5 which I've always liked but couldn't help but feel that maybe it's been flogged too often. We should have kept our snotty mouths shut. It was a truly fabulous-- and thrillingly -- powerful performance and we were on our feet applauding a good ten minutes when it ended.

Then came Monday. I woke up too early and toughed it out and tried to get some things done on the ubiquitous list to no avail. I even started a blog but couldn't finish because the sound still isn't working on my computer and gave it up after trying everything I could think of -- according to diagnostics, all systems are go. Sigh. Also, my eye appears to have relapsed and felt weird and looked red again. Finally, I dragged myself back to bed and slept a couple more hours.

Dr. Maria says the tiredness is probably my thyroid so I'll be seeing the endocrinologist soon --I hope because she wants to eliminate that before looking for other solutions. It makes sense to me but after two years, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever have energy again. At least she didn't just blow it off as depression like some others I could mention.

I have to fast and head to her office one morning this week and get my blood work done and a colonoscopy and I've never had one before and I'm told they are not a fun thing. That means brunch at the restaurant closest to her office afterward. The quickest way to get me an appetite is to tell me I can't eat. 'Insubordination' is my middle name.

I'll stop this crankiness and hope you enjoy this video of a song from the early days of rock and roll by a favorite artist. I hope it's a good one because I can't hear it! Gotta love Fats!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Kay,
    We got similar moods right now. You lost me on the musical stuff but I'm sure if I ever went to something like that I'd be thrilled.
    Hubby and I are both having colonoscopy's on Dec 23rd. Thought we could share the misery of drinking all that stuff and no eating. We will probalby kill each other.
    Fatts video didn't come up for me, lol probably my computer, not to worry.

  2. Isn't it interesting how you can have a great evening, filled with joyous Brilliant music and then wake up the next day with 'the mean reds'? (Tennessee Williams coined that sure
    I must say my Monday started badly too, but it did get somewhat better as they day wore on....And now, at about 8pm...well, I'm not 'mellow' but I'm not as cranky as I was....!
    I know the Thyroid being out of wack can surely make one very very tired! Hope that's get under control soon, my dear.

  3. Kay, I wish you well on the colonoscopy. Last time I had one, I couldn't eat afterward; had to come home immediately. The effects of it wear on sometimes. (just so you'll know)

  4. Actually, the more "challenging" part of the colonoscopy is the before where you have to clean out your system. I hear that's gotten easier, too. I had a colonoscopy 5 years ago. The procedure itself is easy because you're really in twilight pretty much and don't know what's going on. I like it that way.

    And thyroid? Well, mine is gone so I have to take Synthroid. I'm feeling fine.

  5. The colonoscopy is not a big deal. It's the prep.
    It's good to have it done, though.
    I'm glad you found a good doctor!

  6. I can't speak from experience on the colonoscopy but Mom has one every couple of years ever since her first one showed some pre-cancerous polyps. The process is uncomfortable, to put it mildly, but not so much that she won't go in for her next one. The doctor is right to check out the thyroid. When Mom loses energy that is usually the problem.

  7. that program sounds like it was WONDERFUL. I love things like that.
    good luck on the colonoscopy. I haven't done that yet.
    Have a better week, sweetie pie
    ps Janeywan: who is taking you two to the dr that day? I had to drive my neighbor because they request that.

  8. Annie of Blue Gables,

    Good guestion, my sister or son.

  9. For two years my blood work showed borderline thyroid problems. My doctor finally prescribed low dose meds and my energy level perked up a lot. I hope it works for you.

    I agree with everyone. The prep for the procedure is the worst part, even though my colonoscopy was done without anesthetic of any kind. That wasn't much fun.

  10. The worst part oof having a colonoscopy is drinking that stuff and what it makes you do.

    During the procedure you won't feel a thing and
    once it's over you won't remember anything that took place.

    Good luck and have a great lunch when it's over.

    Arrange for a ride home, they don't want you driving afterwards.

  11. I have a colonoscopy periodically and agree that the worst part is the prep, but it has gotten easier as others have noted.

    Lucky you with the TV in 1950. I never saw TV until around '53-'56 and actually got to act in a live play on it at a small nearby station. I didn't watch it those years and very little after until about '58, approx. when I started working at the Cols. TV station.

    Only cowboy I had seen up to that point was at the movies -- Ohio's own Leonard Sly, I think his name was -- Roy Rogers.

  12. I've had several colonoscopies Kay...they're not that bad. It's true...the prep is the worst part...drinking that stuff and going to the bathroom all the time. It's even easier now though than it use to be. Good luck with it all sweetie.

  13. Yeah, I've always love Fats. That was a blast from the past Kay...thanks.


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