Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go Bucks -- Six in a Row!!!! And Update

Yesterday The Ohio State University Buckeyes met the the University of Michigan Wolverines on the gridiron 21-10!!!! I can guarantee that they're dancin' in the streets in Columbus. We did a lot of whoopin' and hollerin' here, too!!! It was a really good game -- any time the U of M's freshman quarterback gets intercepted for times there's plenty of cause to celebrate. They also captured the Big 10 crown and a berth in the Rose Bowl!!!!!!

I do want to add that Ohio State's players wore Breast Cancer Awareness stickers with the initials 'S.S.' on their helmets in memory of Stefanie Spielman -- wife of former Buckeye and Pro Bowl linebacker, Chris Spielman -- who lost her 10-year battle with breast cancer this past Friday at age 42. I thought it a lovely tribute to a lovely lady who worked very hard speaking out for and supporting breast cancer causes. We in my county are especially touched by this because both Chris and Stefanie are from here where they were high school sweethearts and lived for a while after they graduated from college.

* The party at my house was sort of a bust because not many came by but we had fun anyway. I asked everyone to bring their own beverage and something to share and I provided coney dogs, sloppy joes and chips. I think that I don't have a big TV might have been a mitigating factor. Oh well! Then again, that I've been such a hermit of late could also be a factor. The grapevine has it that some people are annoyed with me. Oh well.

* I'm trying to decide what I'm going to be doing here and I'll be sharing that with y'all soon. The groaners will return in some form and I will still ask that you send them to me. Posting them in comments is NOT an option as I've said in the past.

* I'm still struggling to get caught up on email from my absence here. Please forgive me. I'm also trying to get my blog roll organized. There are over 100 blogs on it and not all are on blogger's following feature. All of this takes big chunks of time and is tedious at best. Mea culpa.

* I'm still tired a lot. Hopefully, that will be addressed when I go to the endocrinologist in two weeks.

Not much more to say. I'm probably forgetting something but that's okay. it was probably silly anyway.

Hope y'all are enjoying the weekend!!!!!

Happy Blogging and Yayyyyyyyyy Buckeyes!!!!!!!!



  1. I know how tedious the blogroll can be - it's why I deleted mine.

    Hope you feel better soon, Kay.

  2. Hey Kay ....happy for ya!!!.I caught some of the game between interuptions due to the east coast kids being here

    Also I thought that the way that Rodriguez jumped from West VA to Michigan showed a staggering lack of class. Any beatings his team gets looks good on him.

  3. Well I'm glad OSU won! And there's no finite number required for a game party to be a success. The food you mentioned would have done it for me even without the big win. Good luck with the blog updating; I have some housework in that area to do also but keep putting it off.

  4. I couldn't wait for your post, so last night I googled Ohio State Score and found out you did indeed win! Wahoo for you

  5. Ohio rocks, Kay. No doubt about it. Just keep feeling better and better.

  6. My husband thinks college sports are the best.

    Have a great thanksgiving..

    Feel better...Dorothy from grammology

  7. Now that sure put a spring in your step, huh Kay? Congrats on the big win for the Bucks. Hope you feel better...pace yourself and keep getting the rest you need sweetie...take care. Love, Joy

  8. Looks like your Buckeyes got you off to a good start to go into Thanksgiving. Wishing you a lovely celebration.

  9. Didn't get to see any of the game here as ABC airs different games in different parts of the country, unless it came on at 9 a.m., 'cause I slept in that morning.

    Had my husband lived I would have surprised him with a subscription on the OSU sports network that would have allowed him to watch a whole season of their football games, or at least hear the audio on a laptop I planned to introduce to him. That might have been enough to get him into blogging. Oh, well, that all falls in the what might have been category. Now, he has to settle with coaching with Woody up there on high. Guess they did a pretty good job on this game -- now for the Rose Bowl.


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