Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wee Hours at Wal-Mart and Other Nonsense

It's 5:00 a.m. and I'm taking a break. No I haven't lost my mind but I've been the White Tornado the past few days and I learned long ago that I should never quit when I'm on a roll. I'm deep cleaning my place and I'm definitely on a mission. I'm even cleaning out old paperwork! There are already 3 bags full of shredding and at least one more will be forthcoming. The trash man will earn his keep this week!!! Home is beginning to look more homey. Even the den is getting organized will have new curtains. Richard is coming over later to hang pictures for me. My kitchen and bedroom are nearly done as are the living room and the bathroom, too. The latter will be sporting new towels and a new shower curtain. The dining room has been the hardest because it's also my work area but it's nearly done, too. I tend to mix the tasks in different rooms -- soaking dishes or some such while spot cleaning carpet or dustting elsewhere.

What wrought this miracle? Lots of things that have been driving me around the bend. It hit me that I needed to re-organize my life and that if I started with my apartment, maybe the other things would fall in place and, if not, at least I'll have a decent place to focus on them. I've been like a mad woman today and am determined that all will be in place by Monday.

Here are some rather cool things that have happened and I learned:

* Saturday morning I headed for the local farmer's market. I got there too late and there wasn't much left. However, I was able to register for and receive fifty dollars worth of five-dollar coupons to be used at the market. It's sponsored by the State of Ohio's Senior Nutrition Program. I can use them for produce at the market (but not Mr. Kienzle's wonderful sausage or Ms. Lily's fabulous bread) until the end of October.

* I was at Wal-Mart at 2:00 a.m buying a few groceries and getting a few other things I needed. It's pretty surreal being in that giant store with maybe a dozen other customers.

* Did you know that the breakfast menu starts at 3:00 a.m at McDonald's? I learned that, too.

* I found a wondrous product for spot cleaning my carpet. It's called Spot Shot and it works a treat as our friends across the Pond would say.

* When trying to organize my paperwork, I kept finding bits and pieces of the novel I've been writing sporadically for about ten years (i.e., since I left my husband). In reading it, I was surprised that I still like it and I'm thinking that I need to tie all the pieces parts together, put them in order and flesh it out but first I need to type all of it into my computer. Argh!!!!!!! Oh well.

* I still don't have a new doctor. I've been unable to deal with that chore as well as a lot of other issues. I saw my sweet little dermatologist last week. When she removes warts she sends tissue to the pathology lab and last month mine showed something called squamous cells -- I looked them up on the 'Net and they ain't pretty, my friends -- so I had to go back in for a biopsy. I'll have results in about a week. Pray. Doc Lisa is funny. She worries about hurting me and marvels at how I just soldier through. I keep telling her that with my medical history, a doctor cutting at a wart on my thumb ain't nothin'!

Well, it's 6:00 am and I think I'd best get a few hours sleep. I hope to start getting around again and writing more soon barring more catastrophes. I might just take y'all on a tour of my lovely clean home.

I've missed y'all greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ufda!! Congratulations on your lovely, clean home. Only thing that could inspire me to clean like that would be holding out on us?

  2. Missed ya too Kay. There must be something in the air cuz yesterday the wife and I did some reorganizing and decluttering of our digs.

  3. Your cleaning bug must be traveling west cause I've been busy too!
    Good luck and hope you can get it all done by Monday. Have missed you too!

  4. M.E.: No way, Jose!!!!!!!!! I don't need a crabby old man hanging around!

    GFB: If you saw how badly I'd let this place go you'd be appalled. I felt so lousy, I simply couldn't face it!

    Peggy: Thanks!!!! Hopefully, I'll get caught up and keep it that way!!!

  5. Congratulations on all your hard work, Kay. You sure have been busy! Thanks for the tips, too.

  6. If the novel was typed up on paper already, you could use OCR SW to scan it in.

    If not, get yourself Dragon Dictate SW, calibrate it, then read the novel in. BTW, you could then also make an MP3 podcast of it :-)

  7. Good for you on your project. I started sorting through and throwing away old paper work yesterday and am only half through. It's a project I hate so I tend to procrastinate.

    Kay, do not worry about a squamous cell carcinoma. I have had many of them cut out as well as some basel cell carcinomas. So far I have had a dozen removed from my body. The one to watch out for is a melanoma. That one is deadly.

  8. I was always super-organized at work, but never could get everything pulled together at home. Now that I'm retired, I'm still not organized. Sigh.

  9. I think you have inspired me to clean up some of my clutter! Congrats on all that you accomplished. You must have been pooped by the time you got in bed. I will add you in my prayers that everything works out ok with the doctor and the news. Hang in there.

  10. Kay: Thank you! I just hope I get everything done on schedule.

    Stu: Good suggestions!!!! As I said it's pieces parts and written in longhand. Sigh. I actually like writing in longhand but it's a pain to transcribe it.

    Darlene: I'm still not done but there's light. I hate doing it though. I worry about everything Darlene -- I think it's my job.

    Betty: I go in spurts and every time I go on one of these jags, I swear on the Blessed Mother that that I'll never allow myself to fall into sloth again -- but this time I really mean it! (I always say that, too.)

    Mare: I'd bet you haven't nearly the mess I have here. It's really a job for Batman! And prayers to whatever God you believe in are always welcome. I believe that we're all talking to the same guy -- we just call him different names.

  11. Kay, you're in my thoughts--those innocuous skin things can be unsettling. On the other hand, it sounds like you're doing yourself some good self-prescribed therapy. Let us know your progress on the resurrection of the novel.

  12. I get the most done between 11:pm and 5:am. We must have similar body clocks.

  13. Glad to hear from you. Good luck on the wart stuff, great job on the cleaning, I need to do that too.

  14. You have really been busy. I have been in Wal-Mart in the wee hours and I agree it is surreal.

    Go for finishing the novel. It will give you a personal boost, but right now, I think you just need to sit back and enjoy the beauty of your home.

  15. Looking forward to that tour. We just finished up a bit of spring cleaning ourselves last week. Must be in the air.


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