Monday, May 04, 2009

Random Thoughts and an Update

I think (read: hope) things are settling a bit. The good news is that I seem to be feeling better and actually got a few things done today -- like paying my bills and making headway on some much-needed housework.

* The mass was beautiful and Alex was surprised at how many people attended. I wasn't -- they are dear people who have given a lot to the city and touched a lot of lives. The wake was at what Jeff refers to as "the family manse" and it was well-attended, too. I made a couple things that Jeff and Alex requested but the caterers handled the rest. It was a wearing day for all of us. I insisted that Alex take a nap and left the guests to Jeff. The man is eighty-eight and needed to rest after all the hoopla at the church and the cemetery. All I did was make sure that everyone found the buffet and the bar and talked to the people I know a bit. The caterers were awesome and left everything perfect. The piper -- a local doctor -- stopped at the house for a wee jar -- and played for us. Bridget would have loved it.

* Jeff's been staying with Alex since they got back and I've been staying with Shaughnessy at Jeff's house. I stopped by on Sunday with the dog who needed to see his 'daddy' badly. Alex took me aside to his study and gave me Bridget's jewelry boxes. He said she loved me like a daughter and that I could have any or all of it. I was stunned and I cried. He said a lot of other things, too -- some really nice and others that I really had a hard time handling and didn't want to hear. In any case, when I collect my wits, I'm going to go through them and select a few things I like and return most of it to him. I am not comfortable accepting so much.

* Is anyone as tired of swine flu as I am? I got an interesting newsletter on from Texas congressman Ron Paul who is also a physician. He makes some excellent comments on the 'pandemic' and also on government running health care. With the way the government runs other things, I can't help but agree with him that it could be huge disaster. I do, however, have some huge concerns for those of us who are older and low income.

* The New York Times had an excellent, interesting article on torture and called for the impeachment of Jay Bybee, former assistant attorney general and currently a federal judge. If you think he should be removed from the federal bench you can sign a petition here.

* Can anyone recommend some flowers to plant? The house where my place is faces north and has a lot of shade due to huge trees so last year's flower beds were a disaster -- even my pots of petunias didn't do well. I want to make it look nice. I want something bright and bushy that grows in really crappy soil. I like no-fuss perennials best because I'm not the greatest gardener. Y'all can answer here or email me at the addy in the sidebar.

Not much else going on here. I'm going to try to get around to see y'all more often but I've also promised that I'd help go through Bridget's things and my own spring cleaning and assorted nonsense has been on hold.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Kay,you are indeed a true friend to Jeff, Alex and his late wife. They are very fortunate.
    Re Ron Paul.
    Here we haven't had much problems with our governments running health care.In my country coming down with cancer is not going to bankrupt me or mine. We are not at the mercy of some scumbag HMO that will cut off our insurance coverage when we get seriously ill. Ron Paul says exactly what I have been thinking about the swine flu media hoo haw.

    Have you thought about planting wildflower seeds they seem to thrive here in crappy soil and are quite colourful.

  2. Glad you are feeling better, Kay. Maybe you need some of the sun I have been getting and which, I hope, is coming your way.

    Yeah, I am tired of the H1N1 stories. They have been very unenlightening and geared to as much drama as possible. Flu has never bothered me. I can't remember any time I have ever had a case though the shots, back when I did get them many years ago, always caused a severe reaction. As a rule I don't bother.

    I am trying violas, heavy scented sweat peas, portulaca, and cosmos this year. Although my planting area is on the north side the light is bright enough that even tomatoes, which like sun, grow well. All you can do is find something that appeals and give it a try. If it works, great. If not try something else.

  3. I am getting tired of teh swine flu hysteria in the press. I don't deny that flu has the potential to kill millions (as it has) but I wish teh media would spend at least a little time on some other news items

  4. You have been such a good friend that you really deserve the jewelry, Kay. I am sure he meant for you to have it all so don't feel uncomfortable accepting all of the pieces that please you.

    No surprise that I disagree with Ron Paul about the government running health care. Private industry sure hasn't done such a hot job. I doubt that anything could be much worse than our current system.

  5. Plant impatiens. They do very well in shade.

  6. I envy anyone who can say the got a little housework done. I simply cannot get motivated and things are piling up.

    You have been a good friend Kay and have taken such care of these loved ones. They will ever appreciate you for your help.

  7. I second kenju. Impatiens. I'll just add that you shouldn't be afraid to "top" them as they grow so they'll bush out and not get leggy and spindly. They do very well in shade and come in bright, cheerful colors.

  8. I have to agree with Judy too Kay....I've planted Impatiens in a large flower pot in a shaded area of my house and they seem to do very well.

    By the most definitely deserve to have those pieces of jewelry that they want to give've been such a good friend Kay. It's a nice to way to be remembered....

    So glad you're feeling better sweetie... ~Joy

  9. I'm agreeing with everybody, Kay. I'm going backwards reading your blogs since I've returned.

    Keep some of the jewelry or all of it. When people share something, it makes them feel good to know that somebody will love them and remember their loved one by having that memento.

    I had good luck with impatiens in Illinois. Hostas are perennials and have white flowers and live anywhere. I had tons of them in lots of shady places but they don't add much color.


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