Friday, April 03, 2009

The Friday Groaner

Contributor extraordinaire, Nancy Leitz, sent along a truly mahvelous groooaaannn to end your week!!!!!! If you're not on the floor grabbing your stomach from reading it, you are a better man or woman than I!!!!!! AND if you don't "get it", stay after class and Ms. Kay will explain it to you because it means you graduated well after 1965!!!!!

Vowing revenge on his English teacher for making him memorize Wordsworth's "Intimations of Immortality", Warren decided to pour sugar in her gas tank. But he inadvertenly grabbed a sugar substitute, so it was actually . . .

. . . Splenda in the Gas!


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That's actually pretty good!! and I lovedd that movie.

  2. Well this can cheer beyond the weekend!


    thanks Kay, that should help me get through the snow storm the next couple of days

  4. A good one! (btw, I remember that poem. It was my poem to interpret (remember how we used to do that in English classes? but I hadn't got past stating the title before the class and teacher began to giggle. Ms. Flanagan said, the word is IMORTALITY, Alice, not Immorality, thus I can never forget.)

  5. Both the groaners are good ones, Kay. Sounds like you had a nice weekend with friends. Weather improving?


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