Friday, March 06, 2009

The Friday Groaner

My good buddy from across the pond, Jams O'Donnell sent this absolutely fabulous gem that appeals to my predeliction for things literary as well as delivering a truly outstanding and much-needed groooaaannn!!!!! I think y'all will love it, too!!!! Do stop by and visit Jams' excellent, witty blog where he holds forth on a variety of subjects from history and politics to his beloved cats.

In the days before the Celtic tiger was even a cub an Irishman came to London looking for work. He went to a building site where the Foreman told him that he could have a job if he could answer this one simple question, namely:

"What is the difference between a girder and a joist"

The Irishman looked the foreman in the face and said:

"That's simple. Girder wrote 'Faust' and Joist wrote 'Ulysses'!"


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!


  1. That may be the best (worst) groaner yet!!

  2. Thanks for choosing my favourite joke Kay!

  3. Good one. He may have got the names a bit wrong but as a good Irishman he was well read.

  4. Judy: Indeed!!!!!

    Jams: It's now on my top 10, Jams!!! Thanks for sending it!

    GFB: You got that right!!! LOL I'll be interested to see how many people didn't 'get it'.

  5. Thank you for the Friday smile!

  6. that's a good one!! thanks

  7. And who did they hire as PR man?

    Shiller ;-)

  8. Great Groaner. I will have to steal it to send on. Thanks to Jams and you, Kay.


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